We in the corporate world, or otherwise, are defined by our work culture. This work culture is tiled wall-to-wall with emails. Emails structure our work culture and strengthen it. But there still is a thing like too many emails. As important as emails are, they do tend to burden all working professionals. And it is well known and agreed that excessive emails do reduce productivity at the workplace.

5 Tips to curb too many emails

too many emails

Certain practices, like the ones listed below and effectively curb the email count. With the idea of Inbox zero at its core, email management strategies can reduce the burden of too many emails. 

  1. Sort it out

The main problem with excessive emails is the absolute load of it. Handling a huge amount of emails not only takes time but also patience. Email softwares like Gmail allow you to set filters to sort through the bunch of incoming emails. These filters could be used to divide emails according to a sender, or a subject line, or urgency. These filters point to separate folders. Thus all incoming emails are sorted into these folders.

This email management strategy helps you sort your way through the barrage of emails one faces. It makes it easier to reply to essential emails, knowing the emails are sorted out appropriately.  

  1. Deal and Delete

All the sorting can get you nowhere if you don’t deal well with an email itself. Each email can either be dealt with immediately or sometime later. Both of these scenarios depend on how long the task in the email might take. If it’s a task you can get through in a minute, do it and delete the email for better email management. A task that would take longer, can be scheduled for later without dwelling on it. Whichever you choose, you can get back to your task at hand at the earliest.

Deletion might seem extreme to the ones who might need an email for a future reference. Archiving emails comes to the rescue here. Archived emails take lesser space too, contributing to better email management. Lighter inboxes mean no more excessive emails.

  1. Unsubscribe

Most of the emails in our inboxes are deletable. And these are primarily newsletters or product alerts or something in those lines, that isn’t productive. In these cases, unsubscribing from these sites is the best way out. Gmail extensions like HelpNinja, Gmail Unsubscriber, Unroll.Me can handle that for better email management.

But what if you need some of these subscriptions? Well in that case, you could make an email id separate from your work or professional email. Thus your work email inbox stays away from too many emails, heads to inbox zero, and you do not miss out on your beloved newsletters. 

  1. Make a to-do list

Emails are but tasks assigned to us in some form or the other. Converting them into tasks is hence the most strategic thing to do. Firstly, this reduces the number of emails you end up with. Secondly, all your emails will take seconds to comprehend. This not only saves time but also increases your productivity level.

Email management softwares like ToDoist and Trello function mainly as project management tools. They help convert emails into tasks assigned to you, equipped with reminders and collaborative tools. Completing these tasks, closes the task label while also leading your inbox to zero.

  1. Use email management software and extensions

As useful as the above-mentioned email management strategies are, too many emails might still need more help to be tamed. Various email management software for different purposes are now available. These form a prime foundation for your email management strategy. Tools like Mailman, EmailAnalytics, Gmelius, etc are highly recommended for better email management.

Email management softwares functions independently as an app different from your email software. Email extensions, on the other hand, work right within your email software. Extensions like Boomerang, Simple Gmail notes,  FlowCrypt Gmail Extension have been touted favourites for email management. 


Emails are instrumental to our daily working life. But they are only as effective as we let them be. Email management strategies too are only effective when we use them well. These tips are their most effective with a more manageable inbox. The bigger the inbox gets, the more is there a need for email management softwares like Mailman. Let these management softwares make your inboxes lighter than ever.

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