Improving one’s productivity at the workplace can be done easily with the right productivity tips and habits. But team productivity can be a little more tough to nail. With so many different devices and needs to meet, team productivity tools too can be difficult to manage. Here are 5 best team productivity tools for you and your team to use and achieve your goals together.

5 best team productivity tools

The below given tools are our best team productivity tools that can help you and your team progress in your careers together. Since only the team members truly understand the needs of other team members, using the best team productivity tools together will only help your process. 

1. Mailman– 5 best team productivity tools

Mailman is the best email management application that is our favorite amongst the best team productivity tools. This plugin decreases interruptions and boosts productivity. Mailman is a Gmail email management program, which means it can work for google inbox zero. Mailman is compatible with various email clients, including Apple Mail, Spark, Mailbird, Polymail, and Superhuman. Mailman’s primary function is to sort and separate email messages and allow you to set the time and frequency of email delivery based on your needs.


  • What sets Mailman apart especially, is its batch delivery system. Here, you can set Mailman to deliver your emails at a time convenient to you. This feature along with the Do Not Disturb feature, make Mailman the best email management app for google inbox zero.
  • This email management solution has a Do not disturb feature that halts email notifications for a while and gives you a break from them.
  • It allows you to schedule a time slot where you can receive all your email notifications together.
  • Another feature of this email management app is that it enables us to block unwanted emails, subscriptions, and newsletters. 
  • Mailman has a ‘VIP’ list that allows you to easily access and save important senders, keywords, and domains in it.
  • All these features can be easily used for your Gmail inbox, enabling seamless activity between the softwares to take you to google inbox zero. 

2. Asana

Another popular best team productivity tools is Asana. When combined with other productivity tools, it can turn your to-do list into a productivity workstation where you can manage correspondence and organize tasks and alter statuses with a few clicks. It’s an excellent way for businesses to increase their team productivity.


  • Stay organized and connected by bringing your team’s work together in one shared space.
  • Organize and assign tasks in lists. Teams can see immediately what they need to do, which tasks are a priority, and when work is due.
  • Manage dependent, overlapping, and unscheduled tasks and create plans.

3. Bananatag

Bananatag allows you to track and schedule emails, track files and create email templates right from within Gmail or Google Apps. Get notified when a recipient opens your email or clicks a link thus allowing easy email tracking. These features and more makes this plugin an essential part of your email management strategy to achieve google inbox zero. 


  • Helps to easily track emails within the app.
  • Schedule Emails to be sent at a particular time.
  • Email Templates to type and send common emails fast.
  • Schedule recurring emails at intervals as many times as you need.
  • CRM integration for easy exchange of information.

4. Snooze Gmail

It is but natural to forget some of one’s tasks within a hoard of other tasks. An email comes in with a task and you get further distracted from your task at hand. Snooze Gmail can help you solve that problem by letting you snooze certain emails. Thus you are reminded of replying to those emails at a later time. Thus you forget none of your tasks, hence managing your emails better to reach google inbox zero.


  • Snooze an email before you send it to create an automatic follow up reminder. 
  • Remind yourself to see if a potential investor is ready to make investment.
  • Clear your inbox of items that don’t need to be dealt with, guilt free for a google Inbox zero.

5. Leave me Alone

Unsubscribing for newsletters and other subscriptions is the easiest email management strategy. Leave Me Alone uses that tip to help you reach Inbox zero. It lets you unsubscribe from emails automatically and with a single click. You can see all of your subscriptions, newsletters, and spam emails in one place, favorite senders you want to keep, set a reminder to scan again, and more.


  • Easily unsubscribe from newsletters, etc.
  • It creates a separate folder for all your newsletters, spams and subscriptions, thus helping you go through these unimportant emails.
  • It also set reminders to go through your spam folder to ensure you haven’t missed out on an important email.

Use only the best team productivity tools

The above best team productivity tools can prove vital to the productivity of your team and its success. As you work together as a team, the problems you face also often coincide. The above tools are also designed to target different problems that a team might face. Thus you can choose the tool that suits your team best and achieve your goals.