Emails today are an integral part of the business. However, emails are just a means of communication. People spend a lot of time reading and responding to emails. Email management calls for control over the quantity and quality of emails. It is hence an integral part of customer service handling. Email management software is a tool that helps in managing emails. It also sorts, organizes, and responds to many emails, handling a high volume of emails. Finding free email management software could be difficult but not impossible. We have listed the ones with the freemium model.

Top 3 Free Email Management Software

Free Email Management Software

There are countless free email management software to look at. All these third-party email software are essential for best practices at work. These efficient programs also help in increasing productivity and time management. Hence here is a list of free email management software:

1. MAILMANHQ – the best free email management software

Mailmanhq is a free email management software that guards us against unimportant emails. It decreases interruptions and increases productivity. Its features are unique and unlike any other software out there. It is also absolutely secure and private. They are also approved by Google themselves and have given a disclaimer on how they do not sell users’ information. Honest and value-driven.

FEATURES of this free email management software:

  1. Do Not Disturb Mode: Mailmanhq enables pre-setting ‘Do Not Disturb’ times. It also provides better work and life balance and email-free time for deep work. It holds back all of your emails during the pre-set window.
  1. Delivery Slots: The Mailmanhq delivers emails at hourly intervals to help us focus and prioritize. It also works best for increased productivity.
  1.  Block Unimportant Emails: Mailmanhq blocks emails from any senders that we have not emailed before, plus annoying newsletters, notifications, and other distractions. Once a day, it sends us a report that shows all the blocked emails in this free email management software.
  1. The VIP List: There are certain crucial emails that we want to see immediately. This email management system also allows adding important senders, domains, or keywords to the VIP list. These then go around our filters to ensure that we always see the things we need.

Other features include:

  • Snooze your inbox
  • Multiple inboxes
  • Batched delivery
  • Digest of blocked emails
  • Customizable slots
  • It also works within the Goggle apps universe

COST of this free email management software:

It starts with a 21-day free trial, with no credit card details required. A standard pack then costs $8 per month, paid annually, or $10 paid monthly.


Edison Mail App is a secure and free email management software that provides user privacy even after using identical email IDs. It also offers top-notch speed. It has no ads, less spam, and can manage all email accounts in one place (Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo, MSN, iCloud, Live, and AOL accounts).

FEATURES of this free email management software:

  1. Lightning Fast – Carefully curated for unmatched speed.
  2. Dark Mode – It then provides a sleek, dark interface to spare our eyes at night.
  3. Read Receipts Blocked at The Door – Protection against privacy-invading tracking pixels.
  4. No inbox spam – Also One-Tap Unsubscribe, Block Sender, And Bulk Delete to Clean Inbox in Seconds.
  5. The Most Intelligent Personal Assistant – You can organize all of our most important travel, entertainment, receipts, and purchases at a glance. See the upcoming meetings, smart unsubscribe suggestions, and more at a glance.
  6. Undo send – If you send something prematurely or to the wrong person, quickly and Easily Undo It.
  7. Templates –  You will also never have to re-write the same message again.
  8. Secure and Private – Touch ID Protection is also offered in this free email management software.

COST of this free email management software:

An advanced version is also available with premium features. It is priced at $14.99 per month or $99.99 per year and is available as an in-app purchase.

3. Spark Mail

Spark offers an email experience with modern design for professionals and their teams. It is also effortless, beautiful, and collaborative. It also comes with intelligent email prioritization, noise reduction, and the most advanced email tools at your disposal. 

FEATURES of this free email management software:

  1. Highly Customizable – Modern design, fast, intuitive, automation, and truly personal experience.
  2. Dark Mode Available – Carefully selected the colors to help work better at night and save battery life. Then select the Dark or a truly Black mode.
  3. Farewell to Busy Inbox – This free email management software also provides smart categorization into Personal, Notifications, and Newsletters
  4. Discuss Email Privately – Invite teammates to discuss specific emails and threads. Also ask questions, get answers, and keep everyone in the loop. 
  5. Create Email together– Collaborate with your teammates, create and edit email together In real-time.
  6. Schedule Emails to be Sent Later – Schedule emails to be sent when the recipient is most likely to read them. It works even if the device is turned off.
  7. Snooze Email –  Snooze an email and get back to it when the time is right with free email management software. 
  8. Advanced Search – Powerful and natural language makes it easy to search for what we are looking for

COST of this free email management software:

An advanced version is also available with premium features. It is priced at $6.39 per active user, per month, billed annually, or $7.99 if billed monthly.

Benefits Of Free Email Management Software:

The easiest email management solution is putting up software that helps manage emails. There are many email management tips and having a handy tool is one of them. There are countless benefits and here are just a few:

  1. Handle Several Accounts: Switching between different email accounts on one device was never this easier. There is no need to sign in and out of email accounts over and over again. 
  2. Personalization: Softwares are highly customizable with User Interface design and match our workflows. We can carry out process-driven customization.
  3. Intricate Search: We can use filters to break down specific items in emails. Today’s free email management software go beyond basic search and are advanced.
  4. Wipeout Spam: The tool sorts out emails as per our needs. The system separates spam emails from crucial ones.   
  5. Security: Many secure and free email management software protect the sensitive data of our emails. These include login passwords, bank account details, and customer data. A solution’s features vary from security features. 
  6. Clear Interface: Many email management apps are ad-free and feature clean, familiar User Interface. It includes folders and labels, flags, filters, and thread-based conversations. These apps are easy to learn and use regularly.

Free email management software for you!

All these free email management software help in reputation management. Emails are crucial for business, and handling them is not easy. An email management software is an easy solution to manage them with ease and efficiency.


What is the best free email software?

1. Gmail
2. AOL
3. Outlook
4. Zoho
6. Yahoo! Mail
7. ProtonMail
8. iCloud Mail

What is the best email management tool?

1. Mailman
2. Saleshandy
3. Sortd
4. ProtonMail
5. FrontApp

What is the best free alternative to Outlook?

1. Gmail
2. Thunderbird
3. AOL
4. AppleMail

How do I manage a lot of emails?

1. Create folders and filters.
2. Use labels to categorize emails.
3. Use labels and inbox rules to sort incoming emails automatically.
4. Unsubscribe from newsletters and spam.