Work life balance is all about maintaining the right balance between one’s work and personal lives. This balance allows us to prioritize correctly while we get all the important work done. The ability to give enough time to our work and ourselves is one of the many work life balance benefits. These show us the importance of work life balance as we live a stress free life.

6 Work life balance benefits

work life balance benefits

Given here the main work life balance benefits that you will enjoy when you maintain that balance. With proper time management of your responsibilities, it gets easier to achieve all your personal and professional goals.

1. Work life balance benefits productivity

With better balance between our two lives, one stays stress free. This enables us to focus better on our work as well as our personal spaces. Better focus on work, expectedly leads to increase in productivity. The quality and even quantity of work done is better and greater as one gets rid of distractions and focuses better. Managing our tasks better leads to better productivity and in turn to better efficiency. Lesser time is now taken to do the same amount of work.

2. Better time management 

With good management of responsibilities, time management also improves. Time management importance comes into picture when all the time wasted in checking up on and getting swept away in unnecessary tasks is now utilised to work and focus better. Time saved is time earned for more as we see with work life balance benefits.

As the number of tasks we commit to increases, so does the need for better time efficiency. This allow us to schedule our tasks such that we entirely focus on one given task. Thus, a task that would otherwise take longer to be completed because of distractions, would now take much less time. The time saved could be used to take care of other menial tasks or to just relax and rejuvenate for deeper work. The time and efficiency achieved is hence valued so much more as it gives you satisfaction that you need.

3. Better efficiency

With more time and better focus at hand, efficiency of work also increases. With higher productivity at work, one gets more work done in much less time allowing more time in hand.

Increased efficiency is hence one of the main work life balance benefits. With better efficiency, one’s quality of work increases. This ensures growth in one’s career as well as one’s personal life. 

4. Work life balance benefits lead to quality work

With the amount of tasks that end up in our hands everyday, it is easy to confuse ‘quantity’ with ‘quality’. One must never sacrifice delivering good quality work in the guise to complete a few more tasks. Moreover as technologies advance shallow and menial tasks can be easily automated.   

Focus and concentration at a particular task is the basis of achieving work life balance benefits. This ensures that one pays optimum attention to a task at hand. All factors that can lower productivity, like distractions, disturbances, shallow work, etc, are kept at bay. Thus this ensures better quality of work as better priority management  acts as a tool for productivity. 

5. Work life balance benefits our health

In this fast paced corporate life, work is on our mind 24*7. With the practice of shallow work, this never ending list keeps on adding up. Once a task is over, we immediately jump to another task, only to be distracted by something else. This cycle over and over is what is responsible for exhaustion and lowered productivity. Understanding work life balance benefits can be our solution against this.

Maintaining a work and life balance ensures that a time and schedule is followed when it comes to task execution. Thus we are at liberty to finish the task at hand much faster and increase time efficiency. This also lets us unplug from work as we focus on ourselves and our lives outside work. 

6. Work life balance benefits you in the long run

Focusing on getting work done and staying busy should not be the priorities in a company. If proper priorities are not set, we tend to fill our time up with shallow work and menial tasks like email management. Thus we eventually are left with no time and patience left for important tasks. In order to grow in your workplace, working at a deeper level is necessary.

These work life balance benefits will help you

The above Work life balance benefits can be achieved with tips and tricks that require time and patience. But understanding what is work life balance is important to start your journey. The practice of incorporating work and life balance and its importance in your life will help you achieve heights like never before.


What does work/life balance mean?

Work life balance is the act of dividing time between one’s personal and professional lives.

How do you improve work/life balance?

1. Assess your strengths and weaknesses.
2. Prioritize your personal time also.
3. Sketch out the amount of time you spend on each task.
4. Set work hours for yourself.
5. Use productivity tools to help maintain work life balance.

What are the benefits of work life balance?

1. Better health
2. More peaceful mental space.
3. Happier relationships
4. Higher productivity and time efficiency
5. Better rest.

What are the three components of a work/life balance?

1. Time balance:  Refers to equal time being given to both work and non-work roles
2. Involvement balance: Refers to equal levels of psychological involvement in both work and family roles
3. Satisfaction balance: Refers to equal levels of satisfaction in both work and family roles