Your search for the “best email management apps in 2021” ends here! Emails have always been the center of all conversations and storehouses of data. So it’s better to manage emails rather than push them away and ignore small chunks, which takes no time to become a big piece of an unsolved puzzle. This is why we need the best email management apps.

5 best email management apps in 2021

best email management apps

Let’s go through the list of the 5 best email organization apps as of 2021. With complete working details, enlighten yourself with email management services.


As the name suggests, Mailmanhq works up to the potential to weigh down the bundle of email threads piling up in your inbox and bring down your potential. However, you can easily avail Mailmanhq at nominal prices with an easy setup to run and you can quickly learn how to use it.

This is one of the best email organizer apps that is simple when it comes to the login process. You can easily open the Mailman website and register with your Gmail address. After filling in the details, Mailmanhq asks for access to your Account and works as the best email management apps.


  • The most favorable outcome of using Mailmanhq, the best email management app is its feasibility while working with Gmail. Mailmanhq’s productivity works without a hitch with Gmail services with complete privacy controls over your Account.
  • With this, the Do Not Disturb tool stretch out many ways to manage your time without getting any second thoughts regarding your regular inbox ding-dong. Your inbox will be tongue-tied for as long as you want. This offers a feeling of peace in the mind while doing actual work with a mute climate.
  • While the email, whether valid or not, never sends a warning before messing with your brain. So adding up to the time management tools, the Custom Delivery tool allows you to customize the time to receive emails. Otherwise, you’ll remain undisturbed. 
  • VIP Alerts never to miss any update in your work. It’ll notify you about the critical contacts which you can personally elect through Mailmanhq. This makes it one of the best email management apps. 
  • Available at affordable prices at $10 annually and $8 if paid monthly, along with enjoying the free trial for 21 days. 


If you’re looking for the best email management apps as a substitution for your essential email management services that aren’t productive enough, or you’re unsure about the privacy statements. In that case, ProtonMail is the platform to accomplish your daily tasks.

Let’s see how it works. Just go through the sign-up process, fill in a username, a decryption password, a recovery email, and a login password. Tap Create Account, and once you verify that you’re no robot, you can move forward to use Protonmail.


  • It is simple to use with the Android and IOS applications available at zero cost.
  • It is the most secure email management app with end-to-end encryption about the conversations that occur.
  • You can avail of it entirely at zero cost.
  • It is a user-friendly tool that is simple to learn and use.


If you’re looking for the best email management apps that support all the standard email protocols, then you’re in the right place. It proffers IMAP, Exchange, ActiveSync, POP3, which provides ease for Blue Mail to reach out to any email account.

Focusing on it’s working, fill in your email address and password, choose your account type, and configure your settings as per your convenience while your Account will get set up in few seconds after the procedure.


  • It allows using brilliant push notifications, which ultimately keeps you concentrated.
  • It is available at no value price with all the email management services for free.
  • Quick navigation through particular email threads and filters.
  • Provides an elegant and universal interface with clean and intuitive design.
  • Dark theme available for a pleasant experience.


If you want to achieve inbox zero quickly without must hustle, then Edison Mail offers the correct platform for your rightful desires. It prevents cluttering of emails at one place by auto-organizing them to their relevant areas, making it one of the best email management apps.

For using it, set up an IMAP account, enter the login details, hostname, and ensure that SSL is selected next to the security. Tap to log in, and your email details will be visible to you.


  • Prevents your inbox from being cluttered by Spam Contacts
  • Supports the dark mode for avoiding eye strain
  • Offers fast and short responses, which saves tons of your time
  • Practice mass unsubscribe using this email management app


Microsoft Outlook is one of the best email management apps for Windows 10 and better productivity in work and holds to spark on Android and IOS. It is most commonly termed as the focused inbox. As simple as it means, it helps in prioritizing the emails as essential or not.

For creating an account, choose your Provider type IMAP/POP, add the informative details required for finishing the account setup, and your Account will be ready to use on Microsoft outlook.


  • It helps you in staying focused while reading the emails by concealing away the unimportant emails and the essential threads on the top.
  • Available at zero cost with the tools for email management.
  • By default, a calendar is available to work and schedule tasks accordingly.
  • This best email management apps also fits well with Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 at no cost.
  • Provides a personalized and straightforward interface.

What’s your pick for the best email management apps?

To work safely from home and raise your business standards, excellent and smooth communication is needed. Hence good management skills are a must, including inbox management. We reviewed and researched the most popular ones, choosing the best email management apps based on their compatibility, features, security, organization tools, and more. Among these top 5 as well, Mailmanhq is our top pick and yours will be too!

What is the best email management app?

1. Mailmanhq
2. Protonmail
3. Outlook
4. Edison Mail
5. BluMail

Is there a better email program than Outlook?

Thunderbird, Gmail, AppleMail are some alternatives to outlook.

What is the best email app for Gmail?

Mailmanhq, Aquamail, ProtonMail are some of the best email apps.

What is the easiest email program to use?

Gmail, Thunderbird, Outlook are some of the easiest email programs.