Whether it’s a project submission or a conference with your client, emails always hold a prime position in conversations. Email management service helps you in the long run from college to your job. Also, it works for all. However, managing inboxes is an everyday task for everyone, whether the CEO, executive, HR Manager, or regular employees. From a college student to a high profile executive- email management is essential. To align your inbox and therefore increase work productivity with the email management service that fits your needs.

What is an email management service?

email management service

An email management service is the one which weighs down the inbox overload and manage email communication efficiently. They support multiple accounts and shared inboxes for systematic control over the emails sent from within and received by an organization.

While working in a team, an email management service allows us to share emails, add tags, and delegate tasks to others. They provide “automation tools” for fast reach to clients and save your time for better use. Also, work using “encrypted emails” to ensure that your account remains safe from security hacks. But why do we need these email management tools? Let’s look at the general problems faced by all.

Why do we need an email management service?

A study proves that employees spend about 12 hours every week managing emails. The only magic wand available to save your time and effort is the email management service. It not only automates your work but raises your standard to an extraordinary new level. Receiving too many emails every day is overwhelming, and that too when you don’t have enough time to manage them personally.

Sometimes data leakage can lead to brutal consequences. Absolute safety is vital for your account to eliminate such a situation. This is why email management service comes to the rescue, which provides utmost security. With that, enjoy complete privacy controls with end-to-end encrypted conversations to get rid of unwanted spam.

Unable to switch your account? While using multiple accounts, it doesn’t seem easy to ride over another account. With the email productivity tools, you can smoothly run different accounts in a few clicks. Emails are unnecessary; sometimes, you need an instant platform to chat with friends and family. This is possible with email management tools in a minute like an email management service.

Benefits of using an email management service

  1. Faster replies
    Emails can be lengthy and tiring, so to minimize your actions use “Saved Templates” or “Canned Responses.” An email management service can allow you to edit them to fit your content. Also, you can make your “Self-Customized Replies” to save more time. 
  2. Better organization of emails
    For accurate prioritization, use email management tools like “Labels” or “Colour-Codes” to mark emails. This way, you can easily recognize and separate them into folders for easy access. Host secure communication with features like “Anti-Spam Filters” and “Virus Scan.” 
  3. Easier delegation
    If you’re working with your team, then sharing and forwarding emails can take tons of your time. So to prevent this, use “Tagging System” and “Internal Discussion” for easy teamwork. A email management service allows you to tag emails with your teammates, saving you from sending emails to one another. 
  4. Better productivity
    For increased productivity incorporation, “Manage notes” and use “Email Tracking” to keep track of your business. If you’re looking for an email management tool that is easy to learn and use, then Mailman is the answer. With Mailman, learn with a pleasing layout and cohesive UI by easy setup through your existing email address. This Gmail add-on and email management service supports inbox zero with features like “VIP Alerts,” “Do Not Disturb,” “Unlimited Blocking,” and many more. 
  5. Lesser junk
    Perform easy synchronization between email services. Also, to avoid unwanted junk like newsletters, promotional messages, use the “Blocking tool” to shut them once for all. With that, you can use filters to remove the trash automatically. This email management service thus reduces the number of emails you get every day. Work using a secure and reliable platform with “Control Panels” to run administrative business.   
  6. Better scheduling
    Create schedules to manage meetings and project dates. Also, the “regular reminders” and “Calendars” to make sure that you don’t miss anything. Reduce the number of emails using “unsubscribing and unlimited blocking” tools to reach your inbox to zero.

Get the best email management service!

Email management service provides an automatic inbox where messages are received, sorted, and organized immediately. You can do this using email management tools like advanced filters and labels. Such services provide you time for life out of your inbox.

Work using the best choice- Mailman for better results and productivity in work. Write short and effective emails using 50+ saved templates. You can also predetermine your inbox time with the “Custom Delivery Tool” for productive time management. Use Mailman to stay organized and ensure that all your priorities are straight and unbiased. 

What is the best email management tool?

1. Mailman
2. SalesHandy
3. ProtonMail
4. Sortd
5. FrontApp

What is the best way to organize emails?

1. Use folders and labels to categorize emails.
2. Use filters to place emails in their appropriate folders.
3. Create inbox rules to take care of incoming emails.
4. Unsubscribe from spam and newsletters.
5. Set email management schedules.

What is an email management system?

An email management system is software that helps you sort and organizes emails in your inbox.

What is the easiest email program to use?

1. Gmail
2. Thunderbird
3. Outlook
4. AppleMail