We know that time affects a lot of factors of productivity. Thus we know that time management will also help us manage a lot of the other factors. We can do time management using various tools, both automated and manual. Automatic tools include time management and time management software while manual methods include habits and schedule. An effective way of manually managing time is using a worksheet on time management.

What is a worksheet on time management?

worksheet on time management

Worksheet is basically a list of tasks and responsibilities written down and displayed on a piece of paper. Worksheets are used to help prioritise amongst your tasks. We use worksheet on time management to allot specific slots to various activities. Thus, such worksheets help you with how you can complete your tasks efficiently.

Examples of worksheet on time management

There are many methods used for time management amongst which 2 matrices are popular. These two matrices include Covey’s matrix and Eisenhower’s time management matrix. 

Thus we can use 2 types of worksheets based on these two matrices. Here is a downloadable worksheet on time management for your convenience. 

Benefits of worksheet on time management

Now that we have some examples, here are the main benefits of using these worksheets. Regularly using these worksheets can have long term improvements on how you manage time.

1. Better prioritisation

With so many tasks on a plate, it can become difficult to keep track of them all. Each of the tasks might seem important at the first glance but often only some of these are urgent. Thus the rest of the task might come across as an obstacle to proper time management.

With all your tasks and responsibilities written on paper, it becomes easier to prioritize. Worksheet on time management helps to realize tasks that are the most important and what we need to do urgently. Different types of matrices for time management can help in setting priorities differently. 

2. Efficient work with worksheet on time management

With so many tasks and responsibilities, it is but natural that this use number might affect the quality of one’s work. Thus it becomes essential to ensure that all the tasks are done in the most efficient manner. This can be done easily by using a worksheet on time management.

As we set proper priorities, it also becomes easier to be efficient with one’s time. Once we understand the importance of certain tasks, we try to complete them more efficiently. With better efficiency, this can directly affect productivity in the long run.

3. Saves time

One of the main time management skills is setting goals and targets before you begin a day. This ensures that you have a lot of proper time slots for all the important tasks. Thus you make sure that you do not waste time by prolonging the task. 

A worksheet on time management gives you a clear picture of your tasks. A written set of tasks also allows you to decide how much time you can afford to spend on a particular task. With the ease to allot time slots, it also becomes easier to not waste time.

4. Gives a clear picture of your targets

Without knowing the number of tasks that are expected from us, it is difficult to find a schedule. Without a schedule, it is difficult to understand how you will manage time. This is where a worksheet on time management can help us.

The worksheet on time management contains all the tasks that are expected of you. Thus it gives you a visual picture of the task that you have to complete in that allotted time. It also helps you remember your priorities while you complete your responsibilities throughout the day.

5. Better productivity and work life balance

Using a worksheet on time management properly has a positive effect on many other factors. Important work factors like productivity can see a great improvement when tasks are done time efficiently.

With better productivity and time efficiency we save ample time for ourselves. This time can be utilized for once growth and for once personal relationships. This promotes a healthy work life balance thus ensuring healthy mental balance.

Manage time better with a worksheet on time management

Worksheets on time management can be very helpful in managing several tasks. With proper time management, one cannot only finish all tasks but also save time while doing so. Thus such a worksheet can help us improve productivity and also help us maintain a healthy work life balance.


What is a time management worksheet?

Worksheet on time management is a sheet used to allot specific slots to various activities.

Why do we need time management?

We need time management to efficiently complete all our tasks while maintaining a work life balance.

What are the tools for time management?

Tools for time management include calendars, time management software, time management sheets, etc.

How do you plan your time management?

1. Write down all your tasks.
2. Allot priority to all of them.
3. Then assign time slots for each of them.
4. Also schedule break times to avoid burnouts.