The Inbox zero Approach has become increasingly popular in the email management scene. It is now understood that managing your emails is essential to better productivity and better time efficiency. The time saved with efficient email management can be utilized in gaining mental peace and developing our personal lives too. This makes it all the more important to know and use some tricks to hit inbox zero easily.

Tricks to hit inbox zero

Tricks to Hit Inbox Zero

The possibility of inbox zero is not a myth anymore. The below given tips tricks to hit inbox zero and their consistent usage can help you achieve inbox zero too:

  1. Schedule it out
    Create schedules for all your email management habits. Follow a schedule to track the number of times you open your email inbox. The schedule must specify time slots wherein you can open your inbox to process your emails. This ensures that you focus on your other tasks throughout the day, without forgetting about your emails. Also keeping a track of the amount of time you spend in the inbox can also help you improve efficient email management. Email management softwares like Mailmanhq can help you in this task using the best tricks to hit inbox zero.
  2. Make enough folders and labels
    According to a study, a professional receives 120 new emails everyday. This is bound to overwhelm your inbox and you. This huge number of emails also poses a serious risk of losing important emails in the mess. More often than no, this could also lead to the embarrassment of not finding an urgent email when someone needs you to. You can avoid this by making appropriate folders and labels. You can also make these folders using custom filters. This can prove to be a clever tricks to hit inbox zero.
  3. Get it done for email management
    Procrastination can make us delay even the simplest of emails for no reason at all. A few tricks to hit inbox zero can improve your email efficiency-

    -If you can respond to an email in under two minutes, do it right away. 
    -When an email requires another quick task before replying to it, get on it as soon as you are done with the task you have at hand.
    -When an email response will take longer than 10 minutes, you can file it away in a folder for you to take care of later.
    -If an email requires no response, delete or archive it.  
  4. Making templates to manage too many emails the best tricks to hit inbox zero
    Among the many emails we reply to every day, most of them are of the same type. These could either be regarding a follow-up or a meeting invitation, etc. All these emails can be boiled down to a simple template. We can use these templates later to save ample time when you need them. We can also use email template makers like to make custom templates as per your need. This is yet another time efficiency tool.
  5. Delete when done for calmer inbox
    Now that you have responded to a particular email, what do we do with it? Most emails that fill up our inboxes do not belong there in the first place. Take a look at all the emails that you receive every day and show no mercy in deleting them. If deletion sounds too extreme, archive the emails. Archival can also help when you think a particular email might be a useful reference in the future. This is one of the easy email management tricks to hit inbox zero.
  6. Flag or star your important emails
    Too many emails come in every day, only some of them deserve your full attention. But what does one do when one already has a task at hand? In order to remind yourself that a particular email is important, simply flag or star it. The star function in Gmail and the flag function in Outlook can be one of the great tricks to hit inbox zero when you cannot pay immediate attention to an email task. This serves as a reminder and marker as this increases your productivity.
  7. Unsubscribe for better email management
    An easy one-third of our email inboxes are stuffed with spam emails. These could be as innocent as a newsletter you signed up for, or as notorious as a subscription you mistakenly asked for. Both of these fill up your work inbox unnecessarily as you clamor around looking for important emails. The easiest way out of this mess is this tricks to hit inbox zero- mass unsubscribe. Softwares like can help you unsubscribe from all kinds of spam within a few clicks. Thus relieving your inbox of unimportant emails and taking it towards inbox zero.
  8. No leftovers even for email management
    Procrastination is an enemy in all spheres of life, mainly email management. We can often have the tendency to delay the responsibility of processing our emails to the next day. Some emails that require a long span of our attention mostly get delayed for weeks this way. One thumb rule that can be our savior is to deal with our emails the day we receive them. Keeping this task for the next day only burdens your tomorrow’s to-do list. This thumb rule is yet another one of the tricks to hit inbox zero.
  9. Delegate
    Often emails that don’t belong on our tables end up with us. These tasks might be better suited to someone else because of their expertise or because they have worked on a similar task or because the task belongs to their department. Whatever the reason be, such an email only occupies space in your inbox while delaying its completion. Immediately identifying and delegating such an email is ideal for your inbox and also for a better quality of work.
  10. Use email management softwares
    We cannot single-handedly handled the huge number of emails we receive every day Trying to handle these ourselves wastes our time and can hence lead to frustration. Using email management softwares mentioned above like Mailmanhq,, and can go a long way to help you in your email management strategy and is our favorite tricks to hit inbox zero.

The best tricks to hit inbox zero!

The above email management tips are ideal to achieve the dream of inbox zero. When one employs these tricks to the fullest, one can easily achieve efficient email management. Regularly managing your emails leads to easy management of your work and also of your life.

What is the fastest way to get to inbox zero?

1. Unsubscribe from newsletter and spam
2. Use folders and filters to organize emails.
3. Set a schedule to process emails.
4. Set a timer to control the amount of time you spend in the inbox.
5. Respond immediately to emails that can be answered in 2 minutes.

How do I control my inbox?

1. Set filters and inbox rules.
2. Use folders and labels to categorize emails.
3. Unsubscribe from spam.
4. Delete all spam emails.

Who invented Inbox Zero?

Merlin Mann, a productivity expert, coined the term Inbox Zero in 2007.

Should you clear your inbox?

You can delete unimportant emails like spam and newsletters without any hesitation. Archiving emails is another way of clearing your inbox without losing the emails forever.