With over 1.5 billion users who use Gmail, each one of us is on a quest to handle our emails the best way possible. Email management tips and tricks are widely available on the internet but they need time and effort, both of which can seem like a task. Another way to handle email inbox management is by automating it using email management softwares. These can either work alongside your email inbox or within the email software itself. Either way, they pose a great benefit by saving us time on our email management tasks.

5 best softwares to automate email inbox management

email inbox management

Along with email management tips, there are various email management softwares present in the market. Here we have compiled a list of the best 5 tried and tested softwares to automate your email inbox management.


If you want the best email management software to collaborate with your Gmail account, Mailman is the right choice. It is simple to use and learn. With an easy account setup, you can join Mailman with your current email address. It offers intelligent and intuitive email inbox management for no spam and inbox zero

With inbox zero, it keeps you undisturbed while working using the email management tool known as the “Custom Delivery” tool. Also, it is available at the most affordable rates which are $8/monthly and $10/annually. 


  • It offers compatibility with Gmail with your current email address.
  • Available at nominal rates with 21 days free trial to learn.
  • To get rid of spam and unwanted email, it offers an “Unlimited Blocking” feature.
  • For better prioritization and increased productivity, it supports the “VIP List” feature for important contacts. 
  • The “Custom Delivery Slots” helps you manage time more efficiently, so the messages are received at your predetermined time. 
  • Use the “Do Not Disturb” tool to stay undisturbed while working. It is the best time management tool. 


This email management tool promotes a shared inbox to lead to better teamwork and email inbox management. This way, you can categorize emails easily. It shows all your inboxes, whether personal texts or collaboration, in one place for a more transparent approach while using. You can assign tasks just to run emails fast.


  • You can use the “Snooze Feature” for a later response.
  • With “Templates,” you can save your time writing long emails.
  • Using the “Colour-coded” feature enables you to mark emails.
  • “Tagging feature” allows you to tag emails with your teammates instead of forwarding them.


Spike offers small notes, tasks, and real-time interaction with your inbox in easy steps. Using this email management software, you can easily manage tasks and agendas in one inbox. You can control and create tasks with personal and group chats. You can work on different functions in one single place for better email inbox management.


  • Keep a real-time check on documents, files, and data without leaving Spike. 
  • It works with existing email addresses from G-suite and IMAP.
  • It promotes a unified inbox for your team tasks to work correctly using emails.
  • Filters are supported to keep your inbox safe from spammers.
  • Just so you don’t forget anything, reminders are available to ensure nothing slips through your hands.  


It works like a Google workplace and helpdesk formed for fast customer services. With easy email tracking, you can keep a record of your business performance for increased productivity and growth. Simple User Interface enables fast learning and safe use of email management tools for better email inbox management.


  • Provides fast reach to the customers and their issues with “Email Tracking”.
  • You can assign tasks and reminders to make sure nothing is missed while working. 
  • Collaborate with your teammates without forwarding or replying to emails with easy “Tagging Emails”.
  • The notification bell allows a fast response to the new email that just arrived in your inbox. 
  • Write notes to your colleagues to avoid writing lengthy emails.


With Sendinblue, you can focus on the important emails, and the rest of it can run on the auto-pilot mode. With this, you can track down all your customer feedback and details in one place, in one inbox. It saves your time with the automated productivity tools to streamline your inbox and email inbox management.


  • Allows email marketing with easy and fast design.
  • With SMS features, you can communicate fast with the customers. 
  • Keep your teamwork organized with a unified inbox. 
  • Supports “Segmentation” to reach a large audience for your work. 
  • With advanced designs, you can enhance your emails.
  • Offers clear and complete reports of your email history so that everything is well managed and accessible in a few clicks. 

Automate your own email inbox management 

Handling an overflowing email inbox management can seem like a huge task. But with the right email management software, this task can be automated. Once you use the best email management software, email management will cease to be a task as you easily reach inbox zero in a few clicks