Productivity is what runs the corporate world. This buzzword influences the way we function and the results we see for our efforts. But what is productivity? Productivity is basically the efficiency with which we work over a period of time, without compensating on the quality of our work. Manual as well as technological efforts can be used as a tool for productivity. A productivity app can help us boost our efforts as we strive to deliver better.

The 5 best productivity app

productivity app

These five apps are the best productivity app to enhance your productivity. Choose the best productivity app for you as per your needs and give your career a boost! 

1. Mailman

Mailman is a safe and flexible email management software to manage emails. When emails continuously keep popping up, you tend to lose focus on your current work. Mailman’s plus point is that it shields you from unimportant emails and thereby minimizes email interruptions. Fewer interruptions helps you concentrate more and thereby increase productivity in your work. That is why Mailman is our top productivity app.


  • This email management software allows you to schedule a time slot to receive all your emails in one go. Till then it silences all the email notifications.
  • It has a ‘Delivery slot’ feature that helps you receive an hourly delivery of all your emails together as a productivity app.
  • It also blocks your unimportant emails. But, at the end of each day, it provides the blocked email list. This feature helps you to manage inboxes efficiently without pilling them.
  • This email management solution provides you with a ‘VIP list’ that allows you to view and access your important emails easily. 

2. Proton Mail 

Proton Mail is a very secure email service. Privacy and security are the main priorities of Proton Mail. That’s why it has made it to our list of productivity app. For instance, with end-to-end encryption and secure data centers, this productivity app intends to give you a faster and secure service without any third-party involvement.  


  • You can import to more than 20 languages from CSV contact
  • Custom labels increase the app’s productivity by improving user experience. 
  • This email management solution gives you the option to have a short domain address. 

3. Newton Mail

Newton Mail is an effective email management software that helps you to manage inbox effectively and provides many email management solutions. It helps you manage multiple accounts from email clients, read receipts, and quickly declutter your inbox. Its email organizer software has a simple user interface and the app works well with apple, android and Windows.  


  • It keeps all your unnecessary emails at various locations that can help improve your workflow.
  • This productivity app lets you know whether your recipient has read the email or not.
  • Allows you to schedule emails for the future.
  • Reduces your computer usage and synchronizes easily with other apps.
  • It has a lock feature to keep your essential emails safe.

4. Blue Mail

Blue Mail is an productivity app that has the potential of managing an unlimited number of emails. Similarly, it offers optimum personalization across various email accounts. This app for email management enables group emailing along with intelligent push notifications.


  • Its Integrated Calendar’ feature helps sync your events and updates them on the go.
  • This email management app lets you send emails to a group of people without entering their names.
  • It allows you to cluster emails perfectly depending on groups and services.
  • The ‘People’ mode of this app helps you receive emails only from people. 
  • This productivity app allows you to switch between day and night mode easily.
  • It allows you to mark those emails which you want to handle later. 

5. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is an effective email management app that helps you work with components like contacts, calendars, tasks, etc. It also helps you to schedule plans with various people. 


  • The email organization software can be used in offline mode without using data.
  • You can keep this productivity app running in the background.
  • It helps you to quickly transfer your files to Office 365.
  • You can manage multiple emails using Outlook. 

Benefits of the best productivity app

Besides improving productivity, the best productivity apps have several other benefits like:

  1. Better prioritization
    Lack of prioritization leads to a lack of productivity and prevents business growth. Apart from prioritization, missing important meetings, skipping meals, and proper sleep disturbs your work-life balance order. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use such productivity tools.  
  2. Better focus
    Productivity app works like automated switches in your work, and hence you get time from irksome daily tasks. Also, using them allows you more time, and you can focus on other essential activities and skills.
  3. Reduces distractions
    Productivity apps keep you more focused while working. Such applications offer “focus mode” or “do not disturb mode” to keep your brain only at the same place. Also, they help you manage your digitized life and reduce the tedious paperwork, which saves tons of your time—no longer drowning in paper bundles!
  4. Better time efficiency
    Productivity app allows us more time. Time is a crucial productivity resource in business. Such productivity apps work like time management tools so that you can make the most of your time. If you finish your daily work chores using these productivity tools, the only thing you’ll notice is a growing business. 

Choose the best productivity app for you!

Productivity is what we need to get ahead in life. The above productivity app will help you improve your quality of work as well as improve time efficiency. Better productivity is what makes it easy for us to achieve our career goals and have a balanced life.


How is productivity defined?

Productivity is defined as a ratio between the output volume and the volume of inputs. Thus it measures how efficiently production inputs are being used to produce a given level of output.

What are the two types of productivity measure?

1. Labor productivity measures the efficiency of the labor put in to produce an output.
2. Capital productivity is the ratio of output (goods or services) to the input of physical capital.  

Does employee monitoring increases productivity?

Monitoring employee productivity by establishing accountability, keeping track of work hours, etc can be effective in improving productive.

Does deleting emails free up space?

Deleting emails from the inbox does not free up space as the emails are still stored in the Trash. Delete the emails from the trash to free up space.

Why is Gmail deleting emails?

Gmail automatically deletes emails from the Trash after 30 days.