Time and tide really waits for no one. We all learned this the hard way sometime or the other when we have wasted our time in seemingly important tasks to only miss out on actual opportunities. Time management skills can be incorporated into our habits but that can take forever. The best time management application can help ease this process. Our choice for the same is our tried and trusted software, Mailmanhq.

The best time management application Mailmanhq

best time management application

Various time management softwares are available in the market. Each of these target a set of tasks that they help us in. The best time management application Mailmanhq, tried and tested by our team, handles too many emails. Using this application well can lead you to inbox zero while saving loads of your time.

Do Not Disturb Mode

This tool is an integral part of Mailmanhq’s features as an inbox zero app while being the best time management application. The Do Not Disturb mode lets you schedule time periods in which you would prefer to not receive any email notifications. In these time windows, you can concentrate better on the task at hand, while achieving better productivity. This also helps with time management as you get more tasks done in a shorter time. You will still not miss out on any important emails as you can access your email software after the set time period.  

Delivery Slots

Mailmanhq allows you to decide delivery slots for your emails. This means that you can schedule certain time slots wherein you would like to receive your emails. These time slots could recur hourly throughout the day, as per your convenience. You can also decide the number of delivery slots you wish to have in a day. Thus Mailmanhq allows you to manage your emails at your comfort without compromising on productivity. This feature is yet another reason why we consider Mailmanhq the best email management software as an inbox zero app.

Block Unimportant Emails

This inbox zero app reduces most of our email inbox clutter by blocking it. Mailmanhq stringently filters and blocks emails that contain newsletters and similar spam. It also blocks emails from senders that you haven’t interacted with before. These are the sort of emails that you’d perhaps delete altogether or prefer to read them in peace. Mailmanhq provides the exact solution for that in the form of this blocking feature.

The VIP List

As there are some emails that need to be blocked, there are also emails that need your attention asap. Mailmanhq allows you to add those certain important senders, domains or keywords to a VIP list. This list makes sure that emails containing information mentioned in the VIP list, can bypass all settings and filters. Thus no matter any prior setting made for better email management, these urgent emails will always find you immediately.

Why use Mailmanhq, the best time management application?

Mailmanhq and its features make it the best time management application for better productivity and time management. But why should you use Mailmanhq at all? Here is your answer:

Avoid Distractions with this best time management application

Constant email notifications may disrupt your concentration and leave you stunned. The Do No Disturb feature enables you to manage your time efficiently by putting the email notifications off for the time being. This is one of the best email management applications that make Mailmanhq a good tool for time management. This ‘DO NOT DISTURB’ feature helps us keep our work life from intruding into our free time and thereby increase productivity in work.   

Focus on what matters to save time

Most working professionals and busy bees stick to a schedule to meet their deadlines and accomplish their goals. Having a schedule is one of the most effective time management techniques. With Mailmanhq’s Delivery slot, you can update your inbox feed according to the time slot you set. 

Save time while staying secure with this best time management application

Mailmanhq, one of the safest email management software, reads only the sender’s subject, address, and the specific date and time of the email communication. This makes Mailmanhq a secure and perfectly safe email management app to use. It does not store any data and provides you with your own space for safe and proper communication. It also allows you the option of permanently deleting your data in just one click.

Prioritize better with Mailmanhq

With the VIP list tool, Mailmanhq allows you to choose only those important email messages and conversations which you can’t afford to miss at any cost. And you’ll get notifications and alerts from them even when you’re doing some other work or somewhere else. You’ll also never miss an update and save your time too while using this the best email management app. This tool manages and brings your meaningful collaborations and email messages into focus as the best inbox zero app of 2021.

Use the best time management application for your email inbox- Mailmanhq!

We know how important it is to make the best use of our time. Carelessly wasting our time, results in terrible consequences that none of our efforts can fix. So all we can do is use proper time management tips automated by the best time management application, to make the most of what we’ve and achieve work and life balance.