The corporate world is run and ruled by emails. Everything we say and do and plan is run by emails. But these emails ultimately tend to overwhelm their users. And with no cages to sort them together, this abundance of emails tends to run wild. Efficient email management is the only way to tame one’s email inbox. A common goal of email management now is to achieve an Inbox zero which is now possible.

Why Email Management is important

Inbox zero is basically the approach one has towards one’s email management. Between the various emails that find us every day, productivity sees a major decrease. Experts have noticed a reduction in productivity by a whopping 40% when intercepted by emails. Various email management softwares like Mailman is often used to achieve Inbox zero while achieving higher productivity and saving more time.

How to Manage Emails

But how does one ace email management? That answer lies on our way to get our inbox to zero. The below-mentioned tips are useful with or without the best email management tools like Mailman, to achieve Inbox zero:

  1. Do it and delete:
    The influx of emails all day long is an unstoppable affair. The temptation to peek at every notification too is unstoppable. But the problem begins when we read and decide to delay the task. That is when we have a huge pile of emails and tasks to go through at the end of the day. How does one tackle that? You could either-
    -Do the task right away if it will take less than a minute, like if it’s a simple reply or a task that is just a few clicks away.
    -If it is a task that will take longer, just schedule it for a later time of the day when you can do it well.   

    The intention of these two options is to get your head out of that email and let you concentrate on the task at hand. 

    But remember, once you are eventually done with an email, delete it. Or archive it if you see any possible need for the email later. And off you go to your Inbox zero!
  2. Inboxes aren’t to-do lists:
    Well, who isn’t guilty of treating their inbox as their to-do lists? But that’s a dangerous practice as is showcased by a study that says we spend 28% of our time tending to emails. Various Gmail add-ons, like Todoist, help you convert your emails into a to-do list. Essentially, these task managers let you convert emails to a one-lined task that you can handle later when you can. Some third-party best email management tools like Mailman too can help you with this.
  3. Mark your calendar: All aside, we know the amount of time we waste in our inboxes. Scheduling a set time period out to only tame our inboxes is the best way to good email management. And for the rest of the day, concentrate on things that really matter. 

Benefits of Email Management

Email management is essential with the huge barrage of emails and tasks one receives daily. To keep up the productivity while making good use of the technology of emails, email management is key. Let us look at some main benefits of efficient email management:

  1. Better time management: A good email management system would save a lot of time that would be wasted in sorting through emails. Various email management softwares like Mailman help make and utilize filters to categorize your emails. Thus you can have a folder for everything, with precious work time and patience saved. 
  2. Stay organized: Knowing where the email you need is, is key to good organization in email management. Scheduling a time period out to manage your email also helps stay organized. An addition of a task manager to your inbox further smoothens your email workflow.
  3. Better concentration: With these strategies done right, your inbox ceases to serve as a distraction to your daily work. You can better concentrate on your task at hand, resulting in better productivity while saving time and energy.
  4. Seamless workflow: Email management also allows clear and seamless communication between the various parts of your organization which functions basically on emails. With good email management softwares in place, you will never have too many emails. You can reach out to the priority tasks and function seamlessly.
  5. Increased efficiency: Better email management, leads to better productivity and in turn to better efficiency. Lesser amount of time is now taken to do the same amount of work with many of these strategies.

Find your email management tool

The corporate world and its emails tend to overwhelm us no matter how hard we try to commit towards an Inbox zero. Our main approach should be to live and work beyond our emails with email management tools like Mailman. We must use and view email softwares for what it really is- a technology to ease communication.


How do I quickly empty my inbox?

The quickest way is to delete all spam and newsletters to clear your inbox. Turning your emails into tasks can also help empty your inbox.

Why is my inbox empty?

Emails may go missing if they are accidently deleted or archived by you. Or else the incoming emails maybe marked as spam and maybe in the spam folder.

How do I enable multiple inboxes in Gmail?

1. Open Gmail.
2. Go to the Settings Gear.
3. Select Settings.
4. Select Advanced tab.
5. Under Multiple Inboxes, click Enable.
6. Click Save Changes. Changes should be seen right away.

How do I manage my inbox better?

1. Create appropriate folders for easy email management.
2. Set filters directed towards the folders.
3. Archive or delete emails once you are through with them.
4. Unsubscribe to unnecessary newsletters and subscriptions.
5. Set schedules for processing your emails.