In this digital era, where everyone has started using a minimum of 1-2 email accounts, email management is an essentially needed skill. It is estimated that an average office worker receives about 121 emails daily; that is, approximately 28 percent of their workweek is spent on checking emails. This shows that having good email management strategies and skills is essential to have a good work and life balance. Are you spending your precious moments reading and responding to emails? Read the blog further to know some fantastic tips for email management that help you manage time more efficiently!

Top 10 tips for email management

tips for email management

Nowadays, emails have become a vital communication place to initiate business deals and conversations across organizations. Let’s help you get your inbox to zero with these top ten email management tips that will help you manage emails efficiently. These email management tips are simple and easy to follow too. Get ready to organize your inboxes and increase productivity in your job!

  1. Schedule time for checking emails: The first tip is to master this time management technique. When email notification keeps popping up, we will lose our interest in our current work. To stop these constant email alerts and interruptions, you have to allocate a time slot and check all your emails in one go. You can plan the time slots two to three times a day. This will give you a break between the notifications.
  1. Hit that “delete” button: Completely delete emails that you have read and that you think are unimportant. Delete as much as you can. Go wild! Say bye-bye to these unwanted emails that crowd your inbox. This is one of the practical tips for email management. If you are a Gmail user, note that you keep all the deleted messages inside the ‘Trash’ folder for thirty days. So, you can revisit them if you want some emails back. You can even schedule a time to wash your inbox messages once a week or once in three days.
  1. Unsubscribe or “mass unsubscribe” – More than our important or actual emails, it is the promotional emails that crowd our inboxes a lot. So, unsubscribe from all these unwanted newsletters and subscriptions. This will help you to reach inbox effectively.
  1. Create folders to put emails wherever they belong. Slot your emails into various folders and filter the unwanted emails. You can label these folders according to your needs. This single email management tip would help you to manage multiple emails pouring from multiple accounts.
  2. Pause your inbox – If you feel that constant emails make you feel sick or lessen your productivity, pause your inbox message for a while. You can change your setting in your phone / PC into silence mode and stop receiving email notifications for a time. This is a good email management tip that will refresh your mind about email notifications and give you a break from too many emails.
  3. Read and respond to short emails immediately as soon as they pop up. It stops your inboxes from getting piled up with messages. We will also have increased focus and productivity while we read a limited number of emails. Coming back to your inbox and reading emails, a large number of emails will surely tire you and make you lose interest in reading them.
  1. Flag or Star or Save emails that require ‘more’ attention. There’ll be emails that need you to give a well-thought-out and crafted response. If you don’t have the time to answer them now, save them in a place where you can quickly re-access them. In Gmail, you can start your emails, and they will automatically get stored in the ‘starred’ section of the mail. This is a good email management technique that you can employ easily.
  2. Disable social media email notifications – Whenever someone puts a ‘post’ or ‘story’ on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, you will get a notification via email. You have to report each tiny issue that goes on in your social media feed. Instead of crowding your inboxes with these unwanted notifications, you can disable these email notifications. This is another tip for managing emails efficiently.
  3. Delegate!  If you are checking your office account, you can allocate or forward some of the emails to your colleagues who specialize in that department. This is a good email management tip as experts in their field will deal with the emails efficiently.
  4. Create default replies –If you discover yourself re-writing constant messages over and over again, you’ll be able to produce your templates for similar responses. This can help you save loads of your time that otherwise writing a mail from scratch would need. This is another best email management tip that will help you to reduce your writing burdens.

Apart from these tips for email management, another easy shortcut is to seek the help of email management apps. Some of the apps, like Mailman, help us manage emails efficiently and thereby enhance our email management skills. Mailman is a good email management app that provides all-around facilities to manage inbox messages. This email management software shields you from unimportant emails, and you can also set time slots to receive all our emails in one go. 


The strain associated with email management is real! Stop spending half your lifetime on checking emails! Don’t fall into ‘email checking’ addiction either! Start using some of the best email management tips and email management apps. Eventually, you will learn to manage emails that constantly keep disrupting your life. You can even personalize these email management tips and tricks according to your needs. These email management apps and tips will surely help manage inbox messages efficiently and save your time enormously!