There are many effective ways to measure and evaluate employees’ productivity. You need to know how to evaluate employee productivity. This will help you to know the performance of your employees and also whether they are eligible for the job and company. Read this article to know some of the tips and solutions to evaluate employees productivity.  

What is Productivity?

How to evaluate employees productivity

Before diving into our topic of how to evaluate employee productivity, we should know what is productivity right? The classic definition of productivity is “a way to measure efficiency”. In the work context, productivity is measuring an employee or worker’s efficiency to do work against time. It is an employee’s way of efficiently getting work done at a specific time.

Why to evaluate employees productivity?

Employees are the foundation stones of a company. They directly impact the performance of a company. Since Productivity is “a way to measure efficiency”, an employee’s work productivity directly shows how efficiently an employee does his work. It is important to evaluate employees’ productivity as workers productivity directly impacts the performance of the company too.  

When you know how to evaluate employee productivity, you will come to know the work efficiency of your employees and also the reasons behind your employee’s lack of work productivity. As a leader, evaluating your employee work productivity is very important as it will help you to delegate the right tasks to your employees.  This will also increase productivity and the work efficiency of the employees.

Ways to evaluate employee productivity

Some of the effective tips and ways to evaluate employees productivity are listed below. Check them out. 

  1. Assign Tasks with deadlines

To evaluate employees productivity, you have to assign employees tasks. The employees must complete the tasks at a specific period.  You can make employees report their work progress on an hourly basis. This helps you know the employees’ commitment to their work and check the pace at which each worker works. Later you can extend their deadline accordingly. This method also makes employees more accountable for the completion of the day’s work. 

The accountability and commitment of Mailman app towards its work that is email management can also be seen from its feature called ‘Delivery Slots’. This feature’s specialty is that it allows you to set a time slot to deliver a bunch of new emails. Whether it is 3 times a day or on an hourly basis, Mailman efficiently delivers all the newly arrived emails according to the time period you have set.

  1. Keep track of employees work performance

Since your ultimate goal is to monitor how productive your employees are in your company, you have to keep track of employees’ work performance, that is how employees have performed in each task or work. You can seek the help of some time management apps and productivity apps to keep track of your worker’s performance at each task. Whether it is a good work performance or bad work performance, you have to keep track of them for each employee. You can then refer to your employees performance tracking list and immediately rectify employees’ mistakes or timely appreciate them for their good performance. 

This email management app,  Mailman  also has a feature called ‘VIP List’. This feature helps you to save and keep track of important emails, senders, domains or keywords, so that you can immediately see emails whenever you want.

  1. Check the quality of employees work

Some employees might be faster in their work or might complete more tasks in a day. You need to just check the amount of work an employee completes in a day. But more importantly, you have to evaluate the quality of their work. You have to check whether they have done the work according to your instructions. You can easily test the work quality of your employees by checking clients’ satisfaction. 

When you see your inbox flooded with unwanted emails, subscriptions and scam emails, you also get irritated right? This email management app, Mailman, has a feature called ‘Block Unimportant’. This effective email management feature blocks an endless number of unwanted newsletters, emails and subscriptions. But at the end of the day, it provides a list of all the blocked emails. So, you can recheck whether the blocked emails are good or unwanted ones. Remember, the quality of work is more important than the quantity of work.

  1. Monitor employees engagement

To evaluate employees productivity, you have to check the employees’ engagement towards their job or company. An employee’s engagement can be checked by monitoring their presenteeism and absenteeism. Absenteeism is when employees constantly absent themselves from work for silly or no reasons. This is a clear sign of employees’ disengagement towards their work. 

Presenteeism, on the other hand, is when employees come to work even on days when they have valid reasons to take leave or a day off from work. For example, you have a high fever but still come to work, and then it is Presenteeism. It lowers your work productivity as you will not be physically or mentally strong to work. Constantly receiving email notifications can also lower our work productivity as it makes us lose focus. With Mailman, you can activate the ‘Do Not Disturb Mode’ and pause email notifications while you work.

  1. Check employees mailbox management

You can also evaluate employees’ work productivity from how effortlessly and efficiently they manage inboxes without spending much time. An average worker spends 28% of their workweek managing emails. This means that an employee spends about 11 hours a week reading and responding to emails. A good email management tip to start using email management apps and tools. One best email management app is Mailman. This email management app will help you efficiently manage emails and thereby increase work productivity. 


The success of your company and business lies in your management and employees’ work productivity. Until you know your employee’s work productivity, you will not be able to calculate your employees’ work performance.  When you know your worker’s performance, you can encourage them to level up their performance and assist them in rectifying their mistakes. 

Implement the above tips and tricks and efficiently evaluate employees’ productivity.  Seek the help of good email management solutions like Mailman and stop wasting your employee’s work hours in managing emails. Make your employees work smarter and not harder!