You may have noticed people around you who get big things done in less time and have time for other activities. While you, on the other hand, recklessly work day and night to finish the same work. How do they finish so much in less time? The answer to this lies with time management. So here, let’s understand how to improve in time management and why it is essential.

If we effectively manage the time we spend on our tasks and our daily work, we can lead to good time management in our work. Now let’s see what we’ll learn in this article.

How to improve in Time Management with simple and easy Tips

how to improve in time management

We have gathered simple tricks for effective email management, which results in time management. This helps you achieve big things in less time. Also, you can cultivate more significant results with less cost and effort, which helps to increase productivity at work. Here we go!

  1. Set realistic goals and prioritize your work 

    When you see bundles of work at your desk, you get confused. This consumes your time because half of your time is spent thinking “what to start first” and “what can be delayed” for further action. But when you set your priorities, you know what is more important to you, and you work on them. Thus you better understand how to improve in time management.

    Also, when you set realistic goals, you only work on the things that help you complete them on time. For example, while managing your inbox, you can use “Labels” or “Color Coded” symbols to mark emails based on your priorities and goals. 

  2. Make use of your golden hour

    Do you have a fixed time in a day where you feel supercharged and focused? Be it early hours in the morning or fresh evening. We all have such time in which we work to our utmost potential. You can optimize your workload on this basis. You are most productive during these times, so you can work efficiently and carry out meaningful results.  Thus it can be easy to understand how to improve in time management at these hours.

  3. Setups strict time boundaries and take proper breaks

    Make sure that you divide your day into hours and time slots to work on your tasks. Rather than working for hours, you can divide your working time into slots. For increased productivity, you should take proper rest between tasks. If you’re in a burnout, then this might be as a result of working for hours and end up with zero outputs. Breaks refresh your thoughts and improve the quality of your work. Work only when you’re ready! 

  4. Avoid distraction to know how to improve in time management

    Shut down all the disruptions within a few clicks. While working, save yourself from anonymous messages or email notifications and get things done with more focus. 
    Pro tip- Mailman is an email management tool that enables all the email notifications in a single click using the “Do Not Disturb tool.” Also, with the “Custom delivery slots,” you can predetermine the time when your inbox updates your feed.  

  5. Delegate task

    If you find that someone else can manage your work more effectively, don’t shy away from delegating tasks to some better person who is an expert in that specific matter. This helps with two things: increasing productivity at work and giving you more spare time. 

Why is time management important?

Time management techniques can make you more organized and productive. It gives you spare time for self-evolution, vital planning, and other valuable skills. When you get much work done in less time, you save your time, reducing your stress. Knowing how to improve in time management enables you to take a more transparent approach to your topmost priorities. You also work on their planning as you create a schedule to get tasks done. 

With time management, you can reach all the opportunities because you have time for them. This ensures that nothing slips through the radar. You can also do practical goal settings in easy steps. When you have time, you write down your goals which help in achieving things in less time. You also lead a productive workplace with no distractions.  

Time management statistics 

  • More than half of the workers spend an hour finding missing emails in their inbox, which is approximately 57% of employees in a company.
  • Workers spend more than 4 hours a day managing and writing emails.
  • Almost 2 hours of every day are spent thinking about the regular notifications in my inbox.
  • Less than 60% of the workday is spent productively with emails as the main distractions.
  • Workers waste about 11.4 hours a week costing $11,225 per employee per year.


It would help if you well changed all the above tips into habits at work. Using good time management at work, you can run a reasonable schedule over the long term and increase productivity. Apart from the above tips, Mailman best suits all the people- from a college student to C-level executives. As the best email management tool, Mailman can go a long way to help you know how to improve in time management.

What is time management?

Time management is the practice of efficiently using time to achieve more goals in the most productive manner.

Why is time management important as a student?

1. Good time management allows the students to complete assignments, projects on time.
2. It also enables students to plan ahead of time to ensure good quality of work.
3. With time efficiency, students also get time for their own self and personal growth.

Why is time management important in the workplace?

1. Time management ensures higher productivity in the work place.
2. It also allows employees to produce good quality of work in a shorter span.
3. Personal and professional growth is ensured with good time management.

How do you manage your time?

1. Set priorities first to ensure that all urgent tasks are taken care of.
2. Set goals and targets.
3. Set a time limit to all your tasks.
4. Organize your workplace.
5. Limit your distractions by turning your notifications off.