Email softwares is now an essential part of our daily scoop of technology. Our efficiency in using softwares like Gmail determines how well your email management will be. All efforts towards an email management strategy aim to achieve an Inbox zero Gmail. But be it Gmail or any other email management softwares, we all crave the peace and clarity that Inbox zero provides us.

How to achieve Inbox zero Gmail

inbox zero gmail

These email management strategies though aiming at Gmail, would work just as well with any other email software. So, here are a handful of tips and tricks to achieve better productivity and efficient email management through Inbox zero Gmail:

1. Fixed email processing times to reach Inbox zero Gmail

According to a survey, we spend a whopping 5.6 hours daily in our inboxes. All those hours could be used instead in anything more productive. This productivity could be work related or even mental peace related. But losing over 5 hours in an email software, does sound problematic. But the email management strategy for this is just as obvious.

Knowing that we spend an unnecessary amount of hours in our inboxes, it is essential to curb the same. Along with curbing the time spent, we must also schedule email checking itself for Inbox zero Gmail. Email management softwares like Mailman have key features like Do Not Disturb and Delivery slots to help you do just the same.

2. Switch OFF Notifications

Email notifications and the distractions they bring along are the main culprit that lower productivity. The humane reaction of needing to check what an email says, is understandable but it greatly hampers the task at hand. Switching off those notifications is the only way for efficient email management here. Desktop notifications, mobile notifications need to be done away with. They not only break one’s focus but also make it harder for us to get back to work.

The common fear against putting those notifications off is that one might miss important emails. But scheduling and dealing with emails at only certain periods will ensure that you stay up to date. And well, if any email does have an emergency, the sender will obviously give you a call. Thus you can stay on track on your way to Inbox zero Gmail.

3. Process your inbox like a pro to reach Inbox zero Gmail

Email management Gmail is more smart work than hard work. We are all knee deep in emails no matter what we do, and are in a desperate need for Inbox zero Gmail. But achieving that dream is possible only if you manage your emails efficiently. With so many decisions that we take all the time, dealing with too many emails can be done in these 3 simple ways:

First: Get rid of nonsense email

What is ‘nonsense’ you ask? What else would you call all the newsletters and the spam emails that fill up our inboxes? They can be dealt with right away by deleting them and walking to your Inbox zero Gmail. And if you are one of those who do read their newsletters, just filter them to a different folder and enjoy them whenever you please!

Next: Find the emails you can answer now

There are always those quick reply emails that you can deal with in a second. These are the ones for whom you do not have to do another task to have a fitting reply. Deal with these first and delete or archive them.

Finally: Turn longer emails into tasks

For the ones that you cannot deal and delete right away, turn them into tasks. Apps like Todoist, Slack will help you make a to do list out of your emails. Describe the task in a line and get back to it when you know you will work your best to reach Inbox zero Gmail. 

4. Use softwares and extensions

Various email management softwares for different purposes are now available. These form a prime foundation for your email management strategy. Tools like Mailman, EmailAnalytics, Gmelius, etc are highly recommended for efficient email management.  

Email management softwares functions independently as an app different from your email software. Email extensions, on the other hand, work right within your email software. Extensions like Boomerang, Simple Gmail notes,  FlowCrypt Gmail Extension have been touted favourites for email management gmail. 

Get your own inbox zero gmail!

All email management softwares and email management strategies go right to the drain without proper consistency of effort. It is hence necessary to make sure that you employ the right tricks and technology towards Inbox zero Gmail. All these efforts will go a long way to increasing productivity and freeing our mental space.


Can I sort Gmail by sender?

Yes, you can sort your Gmail account by the sender. To do this, open your inbox and tap on the search bar at the top. Then, type the email address of the contact and click the search icon.

How do I filter my Gmail inbox?

1. Open Gmail and navigate to settings that look like a gear icon.
2. Tap onto filters and blocked addresses from the top.
3. Click Create a filter and apply settings as you desire.

Why is my Gmail inbox suddenly empty?

If your inbox is empty and all your emails have disappeared, check if the emails are automatically archived, deleted or marked as spam.

Why are my emails not staying in my inbox?

 If your emails are regularly moving from your inbox, check your settings for filters. Sometimes, emails are automatically marked as spam and moved to the trash. Read emails could get removed from the inbox and moved into folders using filters.