How many times have you found yourself in a pile of too many emails just when you are in a hurry to find an important message? Or you have an overwhelming list of unopened inbox? Does sorting emails eat up a lot of your time? You must have come across similar scenarios in various time management and productivity-related discussion. This article will discuss productivity tools to manage email and software for better time management.

List of tools to help you manage email software

You can always use email management strategies to manage email software with email management software for increased productivity. It can also work as a tool for time management. Here are the suggestions for the best email management software to increase your productivity and help you in time management:

1. Mailman– manage email software to reach Inbox zero

manage email software

This email management software claims that it helps in managing email software in less than one minute. This app is meant for Gmail users. Gmail. It supports email softwares like Gmail, Apple mail, Spark, Mailbird, Polymail, and Superhuman. It works on the principal of inbox zero and is an effective tool for time management for all levels of work, including senior management.


  • Do Not Disturb mode; you can set a time between which you do not want any mail to deliver to you.
  • An innovative feature of Delivery Slot. You can decide the frequency with which you will receive the email. 
  • Designate the time of when you want to receive the email. 
  • Block any emails from the senders you have not mailed with before. At the end of the day, it sends you a collection which displays all the emails blocked by Mailman.
  • Add important senders, domains and key words on your VIP list. This way, it makes sure that you never miss the important emails. 


  • It works only on Gmail

2. Mailbird– manage email software with multiple accounts

manage email software

Mailbird consolidates all of your email accounts, professional and personal, into a unified interface. It is a feature and integration email management software that allows you to save time, and dramatically reduce the number of unwanted distractions. It is easy to use and meets all the demands necessary to manage email software.


  • Managing multiple accounts efficiently.
  • Speed reader (takes all of the text from a message and displays it in a broad font in the center of the page, one word at a time).
  • A convenient organization with color-coded folders.
  • Productivity app integration.
  • Ease of use


  • Doesn’t have an automatic reply feature.
  • The Mobile version is not available.

3. Active Inbox

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Active Inbox is Gmail email management software. It is both a plug in and a mobile application. It helps you to utilize Gmail as a task manager and quickly empty the inbox by converting work emails into tasks and clearing them away – so you’ll never miss doing anything important again.


  • Turns essential emails into tasks.
  • Empties inbox without losing any vital information.
  • Easy to use


  • Not collaborative
  • It is tedious to use with interference other than Gmail.

4. Edison Mail

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Edison Mail

It is a free Android and iOS mobile email client app. You can add it to almost any email account and even multiple interpretations. The email management app has a few unique features, including a centered inbox view, a prominent unsubscribe button, and an aid that automatically sorts messages into categories like Packages, Travel, and Receipts & Bills. 


  • Easy to use 
  • Manages multiple accounts.
  • Assistance in sorting mails of different categories.


  • The interference is a bit tedious to use.

Manage email software with these email management softwares!

There is no right or wrong way to manage email software. Yet, it is important for you to manage inbox in order to improve your productivity. Based on the ease of use and time management, identify what suits your needs.

However it is important to note that these inbox management tools are only for assistance. Over dependence and unwise use of these applications may cause you more problems then it intends to solve. With a combination of email management softwares and effective email management strategy along with a touch of discipline, we can triumph over the messy inbox!

How do I check my inbox on Google?

On your computer, go to Fill in your details like Google account name or phone number and password. If you see a page using Gmail instead of sign-in-page, click Sign in in the top right corner. 

How are read and unread emails typically shown in the inbox?

Unread emails are typically shown in normal text, while the read emails are shown in bold.

How can I check my Gmail inbox on my iPhone?

1. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Gmail app .
2. In the top left, tap Menu .
3. Tap All inboxes.

Can I use my Gmail account as an Apple ID?

You can create an Apple ID using your email address on your device. When you set up your device, click on forgot the password or don’t have an Apple ID? Tap to create a free Apple ID. Select your details and enter your name. After this, tap on “use your current email address” or tap on “get a free iCloud email address”. Now, when prompted, follow the steps and verify your email address and set up two-factor authentication.