The wheels of time run the world. The corporate world too is subject to time. Learning what is time management and using it to achieve your goals in a time-efficient manner can give your career the height that it needs. But what exactly is time management? And can we implement time management into our daily lives?

Table of Content:

  1. What is time management?
  2. 5 ways on how to do time management
    Effective Planning
    Setting goals and objectives
    Setting deadlines
    Delegation of responsibilities
    Prioritizing activities as per their importance

What is time management?

what is time management

Time management is exactly what it sounds like- efficient management of time. We use efficient methods to utilize time in such a way that we do more tasks in a lesser amount of time. This time management is done without compromising on the quality of work delivered. It can help us achieve the high productivity levels that we desire and is hence a useful productivity tool.

5 ways on how to do time management

There are many different ways to incorporate better time management in your daily life. Our work, as well as personal life, can highly benefit when we know how to manage time: 

1. Effective Planning

Good planning is the first step towards achieving great things. Beginning each day with a list of targets for the day can put you at the forefront of having a productive day. These targets could be anything that you need to get done that day. Arranging them according to their priority level will help you know what you need to get done first. This would be your agenda for the day that you will need to get done as far as is possible. But make sure that you don’t include too many things on this list.  

Make sure that you also allow a set amount of time period for each task. This makes sure that you complete each task without wasting too much time. This is the primary step towards knowing what is time management and using it as a tool for time efficiency

2. Setting goals and objectives

Knowing what one wants to achieve is imperative to know how to achieve it. If we were to put in efforts aimlessly, all our time and hard work would be in vain. No matter how effective our time management is, if there are no set goals and objectives then it’s all worth nothing. Rather than wasting our time and energy on goals that are not our priorities, we must etch out a proper set of goals before we begin our work.

Deciding our goals and objectives before we start working makes sure that we have clarity about our goals. It also makes sure that we work while keeping in mind what our priorities are. A physical list of targets for the day enables us to manage our schedule better too as we understand what is time management.

3. Setting deadlines to know what is time management

We usually have many tasks to take care of in a day. In order to begin a new task, it is essential that we finish the previous task. If we choose to multitask instead, we are bound to lose our productivity levels and lose precious time. Without the presence of a deadline, we might have the tendency to extend the length of our tasks for longer than needed. We might take our work more leniently and fail. Thus it is important to set deadlines for ourselves and to know what is time management. 

When we set deadlines for our tasks, we understand with clarity that a particular task has to be done within a stipulated time period. We are at liberty to work in whatever way we see fit in order to achieve our tasks before the deadline. A deadline makes sure that we remain accountable for the completion of our tasks. 

4. Delegation of responsibilities

All tasks that we are expected to do every day, might now always be for our best capabilities. There might be some tasks that would fit somebody else’s skill set better. Or a task that someone already has experience with and can hence deliver a better quality of work. Circumstances like these might warrant the need for further delegation on your behalf.

Delegation is the distribution of tasks among people. This delegation should be ideally done based on the person’s abilities and experience. When you receive a task that might be better delegated to someone else, doing so is the best choice. This not only ensures an optimum quality of work but also helps you understand what is time management.

5. Prioritizing activities as per their importance

Among the many tasks we receive every day, they all differ in various aspects. May it be in the amount of time they take to finish, their deadline, their level of urgency, etc. This makes it important to know which task to prioritize as the most important. Failure to understand a task’s priority level might result in lowered productivity levels. This makes the prioritization of tasks a tool for productivity to know what is time management.

When we begin prioritizing tasks as per their importance, we gain clarity about what we need to focus on first. Thus we know where to direct our full attention and time in order to stay on top of our set of work tasks and goals. This is a direct result of knowing what is time management.

Knowing what is time management

Understanding what is time management is the first step towards doing it right. Getting organized and staying focused on our goals is the basis of all needs. Some methods of working, like deep work, utilize the power of focus to get things done in the best way possible. The quality of work generated with proper time management can do wonders in the corporate world.

What is time management in simple words?

Time management” is the process of organizing and planning how to divide your time between specific activities.

What is the purpose of time management?

Time management intends to help us complete more tasks in a shorter span of time. This is achieved without compromising on the quality of work.

What are 5 time management strategies?

1. Effective Planning
2. Setting goals and objectives
3. Setting deadlines
4. Delegation of responsibilities
5. Prioritizing activities as per their importance

What is the best time management app?

1. Best for Email management: Mailman
2. Best for Work Schedule: Toggl Track.
3. Best for Personal Life: TimeTree.
4. Best for Multiple People: Trello.
5. Best Additional Resources: Calendar.