Inbox 0 has been long touted as the one-all solution to all your productivity problems. Productivity is now used as an important parameter to measure the efficiency and growth of a company and its employees. As productivity is the efficiency of work that we do in a particular amount of time, it is an important factor of the quality of work. Even though inbox zero only handles email management, it is seems like a dream that will fulfill all your productivity needs. But on closer examination, it becomes apparent that inbox 0 is actually not enough. Before we see how thin the line between inbox 0 and full productivity is, let us see what exactly is productivity.

What is productivity in the workplace?

When we talk about workplace productivity, it means the quantity of work finished in a particular amount of time while keeping the quality of work in mind. It refers to the work environment. Whether you assist the best technology or coolest working space, workplace productivity largely depends on the core of your employees. 

Workplace productivity is visible through the business improvements in work. It is one of the main considerable factors for business growth. With unskilled and uninspired people in an organization work productivity only remains constant. It affects the overall performance of the company. To know about your business productivity, you should know what helps and what hinders your work productivity. 

Does inbox 0 influence productivity? 

inbox 0

Productivity at the workplace, for individuals or for teams, depends on various other factors. Balancing these factors is vital to improve productivity and enjoy its benefits. These factors, while contributing to productivity, also serve purposes that guarantee your success.

Better prioritization

Lack of prioritization leads to a lack of productivity and prevents business growth. With so many tasks on our plate, it is but natural to miss some of those. Knowing what tasks you can miss and what you cannot, leads to better prioritization. Apart from prioritization, missing important meetings, skipping meals, and proper sleep disturbs your work-life balance order. Therefore, it is beneficial to use such productivity tools while also putting efforts for inbox 0.  

Better focus

Highly focused tasks work like automated switches in your work, and hence you get time from irksome daily tasks. With better focus at your disposal, you can surely deliver a much better quality of work. Also, better focus and concentration allows you more time, and you can focus on other activities like inbox 0. 

Reduced distractions

Keeping distractions away from you keeps you more focused while working. Applications like Mailman hence offer the “do not disturb mode” to keep your concentration away from distractions like emails. Mailman promises to take your inbox to zero without letting constant email notifications interrupt you, thus improving your productivity. Such softwares also helps you reduce distractions during intense work sessions involving deep work.  

Better time efficiency

Good time efficiency allows us more time. Time is a crucial productivity resource in business. Many time management tools are available so that you can make the most of your time. With more time at your hand, you can do more tasks in this new found time. More tasks successfully done equals better productivity. If you finish your daily work chores using your time efficiently, the only thing you’ll notice is a growing business. 

Why is inbox 0 not enough?

Now that we know what productivity is and what factors affect it, we can see how inbox zero might not be enough in the long run. Productivity is subject to so many factors that need to be taken care of to have consistent productivity. Maintaining this productivity involves effort on an everyday basis. And these consistent efforts must be seen in many aspects of our daily habits like our prioritization, our time management, etc. Among these, inbox 0 only takes care of one aspect- that is email management. Controlling our email management habits is necessary to keep our time wastage in control but it is not a means to an end.

Achieve more than just inbox 0

Improving one’s productivity is all about handling the many sides of our work and our work life balance. Taming each of these tasks is what builds our way to better productivity in our daily tasks. As we would all agree, one task that eats up most of our time is email management. Use this email productivity calculator to exactly how much time you lose everyday due to your email inbox. This email productivity calculator makes us realise that this shallow task of managing emails drains our productivity regularly. Mailman can help you cover this side of your daily productivity by automating your email management daily.