Our current way of life and way of work have seen you change in this pandemic. From spending full days at an office, now we work and time from home. This has brought work at home productivity into the limelight. Improving productivity when working from home is subject to factors different from our usual efficiency. This article will dive deep into the various factors that affect it and how to improve it.

5 tips for better work at home productivity

Work at Home Productivity

Here are the best tips and tricks to improve work at home productivity. These tips help you to change your habits such that you can increase your productivity on a daily basis.

1. Get rid of distractions

Work at home productivity is set upon creating a distraction free environment during work. Distractions like social media notifications, emails, etc deter our productivity like nothing else. This in turn ruins time efficiency too. With the distraction free environment created for work at home productivity, one can use this work method as a tool for productivity.

2. Turn off notifications

A text, a call, an email is all it needs for our brains to get interrupted and distracted from work. Putting our notifications off and focusing on the task at hand is an important productivity tool. Since interruptions also increase the amount of time taken to complete a task, they form a major obstacle. Using work at home productivity tips and a schedule can greatly increase time efficiency. But what about urgent emails that you might miss? The VIP list feature in Mailman will be your saviour. That is one of the reasons why Mailman is the best email management app.

3. Routines and rituals

Routines can work like magic when setting out on improving one’s work at home productivity. With certain routines and rituals set up, one can motivate their brain to feel more focused and rewarded with increased productivity.

The types of routines one chooses is limited only to imagination. A few examples of such routines are:

  • Choosing a specific place for better work at home productivity
  • Setting a particular time of the day for all your work at home sessions
  • Writing down your goals for the day is the best advice for working remotely
  • Using stationary dedicated to your remote work

4. Change up your routine sometimes

Our daily routines and habits can benefit us greatly in the form of allowing discipline to our daily life and tasks. But this routine also sets us up for stagnation of focus and creativity. Surprising ourselves and our attention by doing something out of our routines can help us get out of this rut. This can also be used as a tip for work at home productivity.

Changes as simple as changing the room in which you work or changing the time of your work can do wonders too. Or even huge changes like shifting your remote work sessions to a secluded place or a scenic place or even a hotel room can give you the change you desire. These changes are an important inclusion in the working remotely tips. 

5. Take enough breaks

The focus demanded by work at home productivity might not require physical energy, but it does need mental strength. This demand can be very exhausting on our energy levels and hence rest is essential. Relaxing by walking through nature or listening to your favourite music or meditation, can help replenish your energy levels. This much needed rest will prepare you for further increasing your productivity as you see the benefits of working remotely.

Work at Home Productivity Statistics

  • With work at home productivity, we are spending 12% less time drawn into large meetings and 9% more time interacting with customers and external partners.
  • Lockdown helps us take responsibility for our own schedules. We do 50% more activities through personal choice — because we see them as important — and half as many because someone else asked us to.
  • The number of tasks rated as tiresome drops from 27% to 12%, and the number we could readily offload to others drops from 41% to 27%.
  • In 2020, respondents say their work is more important, less tiresome, less easily offloaded and contributes to the company’s objectives.
  • A recent study of more than 30,000 US employees claimed that one day per week spent working from home could boost productivity by 4.8%. 
  • Some 67% of hybrid workers feel more visible and that their growth is being supported by their manager. 
  • 72% of hybrid workers said they received constructive feedback about their work, compared to 57% for on-site employees.

Improve your work at home productivity with these tips

Increasing your productivity in your personal or professional life can highly benefit your growth. With the work at home setting your productivity at work highly affects your personal life too. This makes it all the more important to improve upon your work at home productivity. With better productivity you have more time for yourself and a healthier work life balance


Does working from home improve productivity?

It has been seen that performance can increase up to 13 percent by working from home.

How do you show productivity working from home?

1. Get rid of distractions
2. Turn off notifications
3. Make your own Routines and rituals
4. Change up your routine sometimes
5. Take enough breaks

What are the advantages of work from home?

1. Better work life balance.
2. Improved productivity.
3. Positive environmental impact.
4. Better time management

Is working from home good?

67% of hybrid workers feel more visible and that their growth is being supported by their manager, thus work from home is good for the employees.