Achieving increased productivity is what we are all trying for in the corporate world. We often think that the way to increase productivity is something very complex and can be achieved by only a few. But we do not realize that the key to increasing productivity is in two very simple tricks. These habits can be easily integrated into our daily life and enjoy better productivity and a better life.

What are the 2 ways to increase productivity?

Increase Productivity

The two main tips for productivity lie in two simple habits that can change our life around. They are not grand in any way, but their simplicity is what makes them so effective to increase productivity.

Increase productivity by eating right

A 2015 study of 405 adults, published in the British Journal of Health Psychology, found that participants with a higher intake of fruit and vegetables throughout the day reported feeling happier and more creative at work than people who ate less of them. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as nutritious foods allow better circulation while giving the body all that it needs. Plus a full stomach makes sure that your mind doesn’t wander towards hunger and stays focused on the tasks at hand as you increase productivity. 

Eating the right food is also about knowing what the ‘wrong’ food is. Foods with high fat deter productivity as they are harder to digest. This is why the body takes longer to work on them, utilizing more energy in digestion, inducing lower energy levels and hence sleep. The exact opposite is true with high sugar foodstuffs which can put you into a ‘sugar rush’, causing a lack of focus. 

Increase productivity by moving your body

Briston University researched 200 employees at three different types of organizations. It was concluded that these employees’ experiences indicated 21% higher concentration, 22% more finishing their work on time, 25% more working without unscheduled breaks, and 41% feeling more motivated to complete their work. This is the reason why multiple companies are now offering exercise sessions, yoga sessions, and even dance sessions to keep their employees active.

This is seen mainly because exercise, or any physical activity for that matter accelerates our heart rate. This allows your body to have more energy and stay focused at any task that you perform. A healthy, moving body also improves the quality of sleep one gets which in turn makes a person more active in the waking hours. Add to that the fact that exercise relieves stress and tension, and we know how effective exercise is to increase productivity. 

Why productivity is important?

Now that we know the two easy tips for productivity, let us know why must we increase productivity at all. Here are the reasons why productivity is important:

1. Increase profits with increased productivity

Productivity of oneself or of a company’s employees influences more than a few parameters. Goals and targets are set based on the total productivity of the person. Thus as a person’s productivity increases, one can set a higher target for the person to achieve. As the person achieves higher targets in a  shorter span of time, profits made by the company also increase. This is the main benefit of using tips to increase productivity.

2. Lowering Operational Costs

As productivity increases, the amount of time taken to complete the same amount of work decreases. As one utilizes lesser work hours to complete their tasks, the labor costs are bound to decrease. Thus one can do more work in the same amount of time at the same cost of labor. This further adds to the company’s profits. 

3. Improving Competitiveness

Increased productivity leads to higher competitiveness. This sentiment of competition can lead to the overall growth of all the employees when promoted in a healthy way. As one’s productivity increases, the number of clients they serve and the number of tasks they do also increase. Organizing rewards for better performance can also promote higher productivity due to competitiveness.

4. Make use of your time

As efficiency and productivity in a workplace increase, the tasks are completed faster. Thus time still remains even after one completes the priority tasks. This leftover time opens avenues for further growth of the person. But often we use this time in doing shallow work and mundane tasks like email management. We can make this extra time worthwhile when we know what is productivity by learning new skills that better the person’s skillset. Thus this makes way for professional as well as personal growth. This is the reason why productivity is important.

5. Increase productivity to feel content

Reduced stress and increased control of one’s work ethic is one major benefit of productivity. This added with an improvement in one’s well‐being and better focus levels is another reason why productivity is important. As one gains more personal time with better productivity, one can use this time to get healthier, exercise, and gain mental peace.

Tricks to increase productivity are now simple!

Improving one’s food habits and exercise routines is the best way to not only improve your productivity but also your life. These lead to a better quality of work as well as a better way of living. Thus knowing what is productivity does not only help your work-life balance but also your personal health and well-being.


What is the main purpose of increasing productivity?

1. Increase profits with increased productivity
2. Lowering Operational Costs
3. Improving Competitiveness
4. Make use of your time
5. Increase productivity to feel content

What are the four ways to increase productivity?

1. Turn off notifications for better focus
2. Create your own Routines and rituals that initiate productivity
3. Change up your routine sometimes
4. Know when to take a break and not get exhausted

What is the meaning of increases productivity?

Increased productivity is seen with better profits, better time efficiency and lesser labour costs in a business.

What is meant by productivity?

Productivity is the amount of work done over a set period of time. Thus productivity is defined as the ratio of amount of work done and the time utilized.