Productivity is one of the buzzwords in the corporate world that has stood the test of time. The concept of productivity has always been very important, no matter what the context. But nowadays, in the name of achieving increased productivity, we tend to sacrifice our work-life balance. To avoid the same, here we understand what is productivity and explore 25 simple tips to improve productivity.

What is productivity?

25 tips for productivity

The layman’s answer to what is productivity is “a way to measure efficiency”. In the work context, work productivity is measuring an employee or worker’s efficiency to do work against time. It is the way an employee or an employer efficiently uses the time to get work done.

Productivity, in its most basic sense, is the act of working in the most efficient manner. What is productivity can be answered in terms as simple as finishing the allotted tasks by the end of the day or delivering a work of optimum quality in the least amount of time. It computes the outcome produced in a defined amount of time. It measures the quantity of production generated over time. Henceforth, Productivity is the rate of completing a task. 

25 tips for productivity to achieve a work-life balance

25 tips for productivity

Now that we know what is productivity and what it means in the context of work, here are 25 simple tips to increase productivity. These productivity tips will help you achieve a work-life balance without sacrificing your productivity.

1. Get rid of distractions

As more and more distractions catch our eye, the more often do we leave the task at hand to attend to the distraction. Thus we need to refocus our attention on the task every time we get distracted which lowers productivity. This also affects time efficiency as we take longer to complete our tasks. Hence dealing with distractions only after one’s work is done is the best of the 25 tips for productivity.

2. Have the Right Tools and Equipment

Using the right email management softwares can help you raise your productivity levels as you stop worrying about managing your emails. Email management apps like Mailmanhq can help you manage too many emails as you focus on other important tasks. Shallow tasks like these should be automated using the right tools and equipment as a tool for productivity.

3. Set Realistic Goals

Gauging one’s capability helps one to set realistic, achievable goals. When we understand and realize that the goal we have set is possible, our productivity levels automatically increase to get that goal.

Achieving one’s set target at the end of the day also instills the feeling of satisfaction. This satisfaction with oneself and the efforts one has put in encourages us to continue this momentum. Thus a consistent rise in productivity can be achieved with these 25 tips for productivity. 

4. Avoid multitasking

Doing too many things at once also makes us vulnerable to committing mistakes in all the tasks. You might hence have to go back to the task to correct your errors. This combined with the prolonged time taken by the tasks can harm your time efficiency and productivity. Hence avoiding multi-tasking as far as is possible is amongst this list of 25 tips for productivity.

5. Know when you are your most productive 

Prioritizing tasks is an important tip for productivity. Your tasks should be set and prioritized such that the most important task is scheduled at a time when you are most alert. This time, typically, in the morning when our energy levels are at their highest. For some people, this time could be later at night or after a workout, or after a meal. Different people feel their best at different times of the day. Understanding which time of the day works best for you is an important step to know how to increase productivity in work.

6. Turn off notifications

A text, a call, an email is all it needs for our brains to get interrupted and distracted from work. Putting our notifications off and focusing on the task at hand is an important tool amongst the 25 tips for productivity. But what about urgent emails that you might miss? The VIP list feature in Mailman will be your savior. That is one of the reasons why Mailman is the best email management app.

7. Routines and rituals

Routines can work like magic when setting out on achieving increased productivity. With certain routines and rituals set up, one can motivate their brain to feel more focused and rewarded with better productivity.

The types of routines one chooses are limited only to the imagination. A few examples of such routines are:

  • Choosing a specific place for better concentration and quiet at work
  • Setting a particular time of the day for all your deep work sessions
  • Writing down your goals for the day before you begin work for increased productivity
  • Using stationary dedicated to your specific tasks

8. Change up your routine sometimes

Changes as simple as changing the room in which you work or changing the time of your work can do wonders too. Or even huge changes like shifting your remote work sessions to a secluded place or a scenic place or even a hotel room can give you the change you desire. These changes are an important inclusion in the 25 tips for productivity. 

9. Know when to take a break

The focus demanded by work might not require physical energy, but it does need mental strength. This demand can be very exhausting on our energy levels and hence rest is essential. Relaxing by walking through nature or listening to your favorite music or meditation, can help replenish your energy levels. This much-needed rest will prepare you for further increased productivity as you see the benefits of using 25 tips for productivity.

10. Know yourself to get the most of these 25 tips for productivity

One of the main obstacles to achieving high productivity is setting unrealistic goals. If one wants to know how to increase productivity in work at your workplace, then one must know one’s own capabilities. Thus goal setting and understanding one’s target is necessary to get increased productivity. 

11. Productivity calculator

Productivity calculator accurately measures how much revenue a company can generate from a given amount of inputs. Different areas of our work are affected by different tasks. Thus measuring our productivity in those tasks, helps us know how we can improve upon the same. The following productivity calculator can tell you how well you are currently managing your emails and how much it affects your profits.

12. Productivity music

Music is long known to improve productivity. This is primarily because of the relationship we have with music. Music has the power to manage and handle our anxieties thus helping us focus better on work. Here are some of our favorite playlists of productivity music.

  1. Classical Music (like piano pieces by Mozart)
  2. Video Game Soundtracks (like Extraction Point by Hans Zimmer)
  3. Nature Sounds (like rain sounds, sounds of birds, etc.)
  4. Motivational Songs (like Queen’s “We Will Rock You”, 2 Unlimited’s “Get Ready for This”, etc)
  5. Instrumental Songs (like Fields of Gold by Mio Camara, Where is my Mind by Javi Lobe, etc)

13. Podcasts productivity

We all struggle with productivity alike. The most famous of personalities have the same productivity problems as ours. Various productivity podcasts are now available to hear and understand what is productivity and gain some productivity tips.

  1. The Productivityist Podcast
  2. Before Breakfast
  3. Beyond the To-Do List
  4. The Tim Ferriss Show
  5. Getting Things Done
  6. The 5 AM Miracle
  7. Hurry Slowly
  8. The ONE Thing
  9. The Paul Minors Podcast
  10. Happier with Gretchen Rubin

14. Chrome extensions productivity

Apart from the tools for productivity, we mentioned earlier, various chrome extensions for productivity are also available. These work with your default browser and can be accessed while you use Chrome.

  1. Mailmanhq
  2. Todoist 
  3. Toggl
  4. RescueTime
  5. Buffer
  6. News Feed Eradicator for Facebook
  7. StayFocusd
  8. Momentum 
  9. The Great Suspender
  10. Grammarly 
  11. LastPass 

15. Productivity apps for iphone

Various apps for productivity are available for iPhone as well as for androids. Using these apps makes it easier to improve productivity by a few taps on our mobile phones.

  1. OmniFocus
  2. Forest
  3. Things
  4. Any.Do
  5. PocketLife Calendar
  6. ToDoist
  7. Calendars 5
  8. Clear – Tasks, Reminders & To-Do Lists
  9. Due
  10. Checkmark 2

16. Get some sleep

It might seem counterintuitive but sleep has been proven to improve our productivity. Sleep is the only time throughout our days that allow our body and brain to relax. This is the time when the body tissues rejuvenate while your mind rests from the constant whirring of the day. Hence, a good night’s sleep also allows us to concentrate better while our brains stay awake and alert at the task at hand. This is perhaps the easiest of the 25 tips for productivity.

17. Make the most of your spare time 

Spare time like when we are commuting to work, or waiting for our bus or are in a grocery line, is often wasted doing nothing. These minutes can be put to good use by listening to a podcast or some music that puts you in a good mood. You’ll be grateful to yourself for using these 25 tips for productivity and enjoying the smallest moments.

18. Time yourself

We all have often grossly under or overestimated the amount of time some of our tasks take. This inaccuracy in estimations can mess up our whole day as we plan our tasks beforehand. This can be handled by timing yourself throughout your tasks. The smallest of tasks might be the ones eating away your time. Thus keeping a timer while you work can help you increase productivity as you use these 25 tips for productivity.

19. Shut your email app down

Emails are seen to be the main distraction while we are work and the culprit for this is the open email app. Keeping the email app open gives way to constant pings of emails, half of which aren’t even of urgent importance. Thus keeping the app closed helps you choose the number of times you want to check your email inbox.

20. Say what you need to say

Email and messages are necessary in the corporate world to allow seamless work. But oftentimes, these communication channels become the obstacles to increased productivity. Keeping your emails and messages short, while also using voice messages or even face-to-face meetings can save you ample time. Also, avoid CC-ing if possible to use these 25 tips for productivity.

21.  Don’t Wait, Delegate 

If it is determined that the email or task you’ve received is best suited in the hands of another, pass it along and move on to ensure better productivity as tasks get divided appropriately. Don’t be afraid to delegate, but make sure to check in at a later time to make proper use of these 25 tips for productivity.

22. Set boundaries

It is often assumed that productivity is all about getting loads of tasks done at whatever expense. But we often forget that this comes at the price of one’s exhaustion. To ensure consistent productivity, one must know how many tasks one can handle at their best capacity. Setting a boundary for ourselves as to how many tasks will feature on your to-do list is very important amongst the 25 tips for productivity.

23. Take it easy

We are all humans at the end of the day and we are bound to make mistakes. Though these mistakes can lead to a drop in productivity, this is no reason to lose heart. Staying strong through one’s struggles is the most important amongst these 25 tips for productivity. 

24. Prioritize your health

In this race of achieving increased productivity, it can be easy to forget our own selves. The constant anxiety and pressure of trying to be our best selves all the time can be exhausting. Incorporating healthy habits like exercising, walking and meditation can go a long way in taking care of yourself and your body.

25. Get started

The best of the 25 tips for productivity is to just get started. No matter how complex a task, just taking the first step can be enough to help you complete it. So all you need to do is to take that first step and see yourself on a productivity roll!

Gain work-life balance with these 25 tips for productivity

The best productivity tips can help only when we put them to use. Using these above 25 tips for productivity and incorporating them into your daily life is the best way to increase productivity. Improving one’s productivity allows one to enjoy a good work-life balance while also maintaining optimum quality of work.


What is the trick to productivity?

The main trick to productivity is to just get started. The first step of any task sets you the stage for a productive session. Just getting the ball rolling is often times enough to get you into the task.

How can you be more productive top 5 tips?

1. Get rid of distractions
2. Have the Right Tools and Equipment
3. Set Realistic Goals
4. Avoid multitasking
5. Know when you are your most productive and utilize that time slot

What are the four ways to increase productivity?

1. Turn off notifications for better focus
2. Create your own Routines and rituals that initiate productivity
3. Change up your routine sometimes
4. Know when to take a break and not get exhausted

What is the 80/20 rule for productivity?

The 80/20 rule for productivity states that 80% of your results come from 20% percent of your efforts. Thus implying that one’s efforts are best utilized only when they focus their best.