Email management is now more than a task, it is a life skill. Efficient email management can go a long way helping you manage your work and your life as well. Reaching inbox zero has been known to increase employee productivity and work satisfaction. To help you achieve the same, this article dives into the best email management tools for you to have your pick from.

Our pick for the 5 best email management tools 

best email management tools

What makes the best email management tools, the best? Their ease of usage, their features and their ability to seamlessly fit into your routine are instrumental for their effectiveness. Here are our top 5 best email management tools, with Mailman being our top pick.

  1. Mailman
    Mailman is our top pick for the best email management tools. The following features make it our favorite email management tool.

    (1) Do Not Disturb
    The many email notifications keep distracting us from our tasks at hand. The Do Not Disturb feature makes sure that you do not receive any emails during a time period fixed by you. Thus you can focus on your tasks and that’s what makes Mailman the best email management tools.

    (2) VIP list
    Even during hours when you want to wholly focus on your priority tasks, you might still worry about the urgent emails. These emails will have to be read and responded to immediately for whatever reason. The Vip list can sort these out for you depending on a list of keywords, subjects, senders, etc.

    (3) Delivery slots
    Methods of delivering quality work, like deep work, require you to look at your email inbox only a few times in a day. This also is a great email management tip. With delivery slots, you can schedule your emails to reach you only during certain time slots throughout that day. Thus this forms a batched delivery system for efficient email management. 

    (4) Block unimportant emails
    Unimportant emails like newsletters and spams fill up for inboxes unnecessarily. Not only do they serve as a filler in our inbox but they also pose as a continuous distraction. Mailman blocks such unimportant emails from reaching your inboxes for easy email management and inbox zero.
  2. ActiveInbox

    (1) Never miss a task
    Emails are after all tasks for us to do and deliver. But with too many emails in our inboxes, certain emails tend to get lost in the mess. Overlooked emails equals overlooked tasks. ActiveInbox turns your inbox into tasks, complete with deadlines and quick details, so you never lose a task again.

    (2) Always get replies
    Writing emails can prove to be a waste of time if they aren’t read or responded to correctly. ActiveInbox makes sure that your emails are received only at a time when there is a higher chance of being read. It also tracks the activity of your emails, thus keeping you informed. This makes it one of the best email management tools.

    (3) Focus on doing
    ActiveInbox helps reach inbox zero by converting most of your emails to tasks. These tasks can be further broken down into easier tasks thus helping you achieve your daily work goals.
  3. Batched Inbox

    (1) Filtered emails
    Instead of flooding your inbox with all incoming emails, Batched Inbox directs these emails to a Gmail folder. This folder is the result of a filter as you receive no disturbing notifications with this best email management tools.

    (2)Transfer when you want
    You can transfer those emails to your main inbox whenever you know you can focus on them. Thus you schedule a time for better email management. You can always peek into the other Gmail inbox ahead of your scheduled time if need be.

    (3) Disable when you want
    BatchedInbox gives you the choice of temporarily or permanently disable batching of your email at any time. You can reset these settings whenever you are ready to receive your emails.
  4. Sortd

    (1) Email and Task Manager
    Sortd gives you the space to manage your emails as well as your projects all at once. Thus you do not have to shuffle between apps or email ids to take care of different tasks. This is not only a tool for time efficiency but also for increased productivity.

    (2) Visual workspace
    Better visualization of teams and tasks and a seamless email workflow can go a long way in increasing productivity. Sortd allows you to visualize all of these factors for easy management being one of the best email management tools.

    (3) Teamwork & delegation
    Better visualization also allows easy delegation of tasks. Quick notes, chats can be done for better collaboration with Sortd.
  5. FollowUpThen

    (1) Never Forget To Follow Up
    FollowUpThen ensures that you will never forget to follow up with others. All you need to do is send an email as a reminder for yourself, keeping in the ‘bcc’ field. Your recipients will not see this bcc mention. This email will find you again after the number of days specified by you.

    (2) Clear Out Your Inbox
    You can also use FollowUpThen to remind yourself of tasks in emails and delete the email. Thus you can tend to the task when you can. This also empties your inbox, leading you to inbox zero with this one of the best email management tools.

    (3) Shorten Your To-Do List
    These reminders can help in ways beyond email management too. You use it to receive your documents right before a meeting or even get tickets up on your email inbox. The possibilities are endless.

Choose from the best email management tools!

The best email management tools work the best only when used cleverly. Combining these email management softwares with email management tips can help you easily reach inbox zero. Reaching inbox zero not only helps in efficient email management but also in having a better work life balance.


What is the best email management tool?

1. Mailman
2. SalesHandy
3. ProtonMail
4. Sortd
5. FrontApp

What is the best way to organize emails?

1. Use folders and labels to categorize emails.
2. Use filters to place emails in their appropriate folders.
3. Create inbox rules to take care of incoming emails.
4. Unsubscribe from spam and newsletters.
5. Set email management schedules.

What is an email management system?

An email management system is software that helps you sort and organizes emails in your inbox.

What is the easiest email program to use?

1. Gmail
2. Thunderbird
3. Outlook
4. AppleMail