The concept of employee productivity and efficiency are very important when it comes to understanding the workings of the corporate world. Increasing employee productivity is instrumental to the progress of a company. Thus to understand it better, here we see some key ways of improving employee productivity in the workplace. 

What is the concept of employee productivity?

Concept of employee productivity

The concept of employee productivity refers to the individual productivity showcased by each employee. We understand that as employee productivity increases so do the profits and revenue generated by the company. Good employee productivity is also important to help build a sense of work satisfaction among the team. Hence understanding the concept of employee productivity and using this knowledge to improve productivity is necessary in the corporate world. 

Statistics on employee productivity

Now that we understand the concept of employee productivity, here are some statistics for the same. These statistics can help us form a productivity strategy and choose tips for increasing productivity in the workplace. 

  • With the availability of lightning-fast internet on every employee’s smartphone, productivity levels have only seen a hike of 1% over the past few years.
  • On average, employees spend an hour a day in meetings, for a total of 31 hours/month.
  •  Productivity and performance are at their peak during uninterrupted 90-minute intervals
  • The average employee is interrupted from their work 56 times a day. 
  • The average employee spends two hours a day recovering from interruptions.
  • Employee performance improves up to 20 percent when employees are able to interact. 
  • Only 60 percent of work time, or even less, is spent being productive. 

How to increase productivity using the Concept of employee productivity

Here are the best productivity tips to help you increase work efficiency using the concept of employee productivity. 

1. Use the Right Tools and Equipment

We know that improving worker productivity requires a singular focus that cannot be helped with outer tools. But when it comes to using the concept of employee productivity, this can be easily done using tools. Using the right email management software can help you raise your productivity levels as you stop worrying about managing your emails.

Email management apps like Mailmanhq can help you manage too many emails as you focus on other important tasks. We can automate shallow tasks like these using the right tools and equipment as a tool for productivity.

2. Curb the distractions

We are surrounded by distractions all the time, no matter what we do. During work too, it is easy to get distracted by the many things that call for our attention. Not only does this affect our focus and concentration, but it also negatively affects our productivity. This is where the concept of employee productivity helps us. 

As more and more distractions catch our eye, the more often do we leave the task at hand to attend to the distraction. Thus we need to refocus our attention on the task every time we get distracted which lowers productivity. This also affects time efficiency as we take longer to complete our tasks. 

3. Set Realistic Goals

One of the main obstacles to achieving high productivity is setting unrealistic goals. If one wants to know how to increase productivity in work at your workplace, then one must know one’s own capabilities. Gauging one’s capability helps one to set realistic, achievable goals. When we understand the concept of employee productivity, our productivity levels automatically increase to get that goal.

Achieving one’s set target at the end of the day also instills the feeling of satisfaction. This satisfaction with oneself and the efforts one has put in encourages us to continue this momentum. Thus a consistently increased productivity can be achieved. 

4. Avoid multitasking to understand the concept of employee productivity

When we try to do two things at once, both of them serve as a distraction for the other. Thus these tasks themselves do not let you focus intently. This lowers the quality of the work that you do. Doing too many things at once also makes us vulnerable to committing mistakes in all the tasks. You might hence have to go back to the task to correct your errors. This combined with the prolonged time taken by the tasks can harm your time efficiency and productivity.

5. Know when the time is right

Your tasks should be set and prioritized such that the most important task is scheduled at a time when you are most alert. This time, typically, in the morning when our energy levels are at their highest. For some people, this time could be later at night or after a workout, or after a meal. Different people feel their best at different times of the day. Understanding which time of the day works best for you is an important step to knowing the concept of employee productivity.

With higher energy and alertness, there will be a better chance of you performing the task in the best way possible. As the quality of your work improves, so do your productivity levels. This technique also allows you to focus on the tasks that are the most important to you.

Use the concept of employee productivity and see your career prosper

Here we see the various ways in which the right tips and tricks can help you understand the concept of employee productivity while also improving it. Using the above tricks can go a long way in helping you prosper in your career while also maintaining a healthy work and life balance


What are the best tools for team productivity?

Best tools for team productivity enable employees to work together and be productive as a team. Some of them include:
1. Chanty
2. Google Workspace
3. Mailman Teams
4. Proofhub
5. Trello

What are the types of team productivity tools?

1. Calendar sharing tools
2. File sharing tools
3. Instant messaging
4. Video-conferencing
5. Document synchronization

What is the purpose of tools for productivity?

Tools for productivity help in smooth business operation and streamline workflow. It also improves the efficiency and productivity of a business organization.

What is employee productivity?

The concept of employee productivity refers to the individual productivity showcased by each employee.