Email management is a necessary task that all email users need to undertake. The lesser time we waste in email management, the more time we will have for other productive tasks. This is where email automation gmail comes to our rescue. Email automation is all about automating the task of email processing using email management softwares so we waste less time in our email inbox. Here is a handpicked list of 5 email automation gmail softwares that might be the solution to your email management problems.

5 best softwares for email automation gmail

email automation gmail

With so many email management softwares in the market, it can be hard to choose the right one for you. These email automation softwares fix different email problems thus helping you choose the best solution for you!

1. Mailman

Mailman claims that it helps in managing email software in less than one minute. This app is meant for Gmail users. Gmail. It supports Gmail, Apple mail, Spark, Mailbird, Polymail, and superhuman. It works on the principle of inbox zero and is an effective tool for time management for email automation gmail. Mailman has proven time and again that it is the best email management app for all our needs. With features such as VIP list, batched delivery, Do Not Disturb, Block list, etc., it saves a lot of time that would otherwise be wasted in managing your emails.


  • Do Not Disturb mode; you can set a time between which you do not want any mail to deliver to you.
  • An innovative feature of Delivery Slot. You can decide the frequency with which you will receive the email. 
  • Designate the time of when you want to receive the email. 
  • Block any emails from the senders you have not mailed with before. At the end of the day, it sends you a collection which displays all the emails blocked by Mailman.
  • Add important senders, domains and key words on your VIP list. This way, it makes sure that you never miss the important emails. 

2. Mailbird

Mailbird consolidates all of your email accounts, professional and personal, into a unified interface. It is a feature and integration email management software that allows you to save time, and dramatically reduce the number of unwanted distractions. You can also Snooze messages for later to focus only on the emails you need to at the moment for better email automation gmail.


  • Managing multiple accounts efficiently.
  • Speed reader (takes all of the text from a message and displays it in a broad font in the center of the page, one word at a time).
  • A convenient organization with color-coded folders.
  • Productivity app integration.
  • Ease of use

3. Active Inbox

Active Inbox is Gmail email management software. It is both a plug in and a mobile application. It helps you to utilize Gmail as a task manager and quickly empty the inbox by converting work emails into tasks and clearing them away – so you’ll never miss doing anything important again. With ActiveInbox there’s no need to adopt yet another new system; no call to copy, paste and switch between software. It’s right with you where you spend the lion’s share of your day wrangling tasks: in Gmail.


  • Turns essential emails into tasks.
  • It empties the inbox without losing any vital information.
  • Easy to use

4. Edison Mail

Edison Mail is a free Android and iOS mobile email client app. You can add it to almost any email account and even multiple interpretations. The email management app has a few unique features, including a centered inbox view, a prominent unsubscribe button, and an aid that automatically sorts messages into categories like Packages, Travel, and Receipts & Bills. 


  • Easy to use 
  • Manages multiple accounts.
  • Assistance in sorting mails of different categories.

5. ProProfs Help Desk 

This email management software helps in capturing all emails as tickets. This software lets you add as many inboxes as you wish to a single dashboard. This makes it easier to manage emails as it becomes a single platform for emails. The app’s assistant will automatically categorize messages for you to make it easier to find for better email automation gmail.


  • Automated Ticket Creation– Since it has an automated system to send notifications to the agent working on a ticket, it increases productivity and effectiveness. 
  • Training Offer- It enables the administrator to monitor and evaluate your performance and take necessary action to train you if required.
  • Customer Service– This email management customer service is top-notch as it tracks any issue and solves it in real-time via a desk or mobile app. 
  • Shared Inbox Functionality-  Everyone can manage the emails that turn into tickets from a shared dashboard for all the customers. They can also access communications and look for tickets acting upon or those you need to resolve.

Use the best email management software for your email automation gmail

The above email management softwares are the best at what they do. Each of these specialize in the email management problem that they solve. As Mailman is the best at reaching you to inbox zero, it solves the prime problem of instilling discipline in our email management habits. As we get more disciplined, we also lead a more balanced life.