Technology has come a long way in helping us live our lives better and easier. Nowadays there seems to be one piece of tech for almost anything you need to get done. Email management, forming a huge part of our daily responsibilities, also needs a tool to take care of. This is where inbox zero tools come in. Inbox zero tools are mainly email management software that help us achieve inbox zero despite the 100s of emails we receive everyday. Of the various tools, Mailman is our favorite for its effectiveness and ease of use.

What makes Mailman the best amongst all inbox zero tools?

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Mailman is an email management software widely popular as the easiest way to achieve inbox zero. The following features of Mailman not only lead your inbox to zero but also help you maintain it everyday. All this can be done with minimal effort on your part, as you reach inbox zero with Mailman in a few clicks.  

1. Take some time off with inbox zero tool Do Not Disturb

Imagine you are zeroing in on a task, and you suddenly hear a series of notification sounds. You get intrigued and quickly open your inbox. Now you are bound to go through all your emails, and before you know it, you have burdened yourself with too many emails. Research states that it takes around 23 minutes for an individual to refocus on work after getting interrupted. 

To avoid getting distracted over and over again, use the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode in email management software, Mailman, to decide when you do not wish to receive any emails. This time slot can be set as many times as you want throughout the day. You need not worry because you can still access them after the set time frame. This feature not only betters time management but also increases productivity as one of the best inbox zero tools.

2. Prioritize better with Mailman 

There are emails that you cannot afford to miss, like the ones from your clients and team members even when you do not want to be disturbed. In situations like these, you can make use of the VIP List feature on Mailman. You can easily add addresses, domains, and even keywords to your VIP List. This email management software would alert you when the prioritized sender messages. In this manner, you would stay undisturbed and get notified only when needed. Thus you choose what deserves your attention with these inbox zero tools.

3. Set a Schedule  

What about the emails you receive from the rest of the lot? Would you keep checking and replying to them back to back? Everyone wants to work on their emails per their schedule and not that of the sender. But how do you do that? Here is where the Mailman Delivery Slot feature comes into play. It lets you devise the frequency, hourly intervals, or specific times to receive your emails. There won’t be any worry about checking the inbox every few minutes, and the inbox zero tools will keep your inbox clean and organized. 

4. Let the schedule help you

Everything has a specific time to be worked. If you spend too much time on one task, you will not get the other things done. Likewise, replying to emails shouldn’t take up too much of your time. It needs to be done efficiently since the content of the email leaves a significant impression of how the company conducts itself. If you can reply to the email within one minute, then do it instantly else flag them for later. In this way, you can let some burden off your shoulders. Once you reply, archive them to clear your inbox. This productivity tip comes in handy while trying to manage emails with one of the best inbox zero tools. 

5. Block the unimportant emails with inbox zero tools

The most vital thing to keep in mind while trying to get your inbox to zero is that you don’t have to reply to or even receive every email. If you enable the feature, Block Unimportant Emails on Mailman, it would block emails, newsletters from new or insignificant senders. You won’t lose them and will receive a digest from the email management software once a day so that you can review them at your convenience. Thus you can use Mailman, one of the best inbox zero tools, for your betterment.

Try Mailman, the best inbox zero tools

Mailman has proved time and again that it has what it takes to reach inbox zero no matter how many emails we receive everyday. It has helped users deal with their email inbox and focus on tasks that really matter. Try Mailman and have the inbox zero experience yourself!