Being sick of notifications on our phone or laptop is a real thing! Continuous email notifications can be annoying. Well, our emails are often or more so flooded with emails that sorting them seems impossible. Our inboxes are a complete mess. There are a lot of things we can do to achieve email organization optimally. Time and again, we spend a lot of time organizing our emails. We barely have time left for any work.

Email Organization Software comes to our rescue. They assist us in email organization and enable maximum productivity and time management.

What Is An Email Organization System?

email organization software

Email organization is a field of broadcast control for organizing inflated proportions of incoming emails received by anyone. In day-to-day life, email organization is a crucial part of customer service management. Customer service call centers typically use software solutions to manage emails.

An email organization system consists of various modules to handle different parts of the email organization process. These modules include:

  1. The ticketing of emails – One of the main tasks executed by email organization systems is to allot reference numbers to incoming emails. This process is called ticketing. All the emails related to the same subject can then be grouped under the same reference. It is a more potent way.
  2. Email receipt module – it is also called email filtering. It includes receiving emails, filtering out unwanted content to a separate queue. It then assigns unique ticket numbers based on certain conditions.
  3. Bayesian spam filters – It is a statistical methodology of clearing spam that most email organization systems use.
  4. Data enhancement module – It adds tags to each email for further processing. It may include the ability to recover specific information about the email author and his/her transactions with the organization.
  5. Intelligent Analysis module – It reads the subject, message, and attachments, and tags added by the data enhancement module. It scans its content to understand the subject of the email.

What Is Email Organization Software?

Email organization software is an application/tool helping users sort, organize and reply to massive quantities of inbound customer emails. The purpose of email management software came to our utmost attention when we realized that checking work emails eats up a lot of time, more than four hours a day. So, we can imagine the utilization of that much amount of time.

Also, email management demands consistent monotonous tasks back and forth. An Email Organization Software performs these tasks on our behalf and leaves us with ample time.

The ultimate solution to Email management is MAILMAN.

Mailman is an email organization software that restricts worthless emails, reduces interruptions, and increases productivity. The application works with all major email clients- GMAIL and others. It provides a wide array of features at reasonable prices. Mailman can be helpful for any situation with a large number of incoming emails, such as the internal service desk of multinational companies. It also features a ticketing system or is part of a customer support system.  It is an email organizer that works skillfully to achieve email management. It provides a 21-day free trial as well.

Why Is Email Organization Software Important?

The email management software comes around with a lot of benefits. Here are a few-

1.    Reduce cost-

Many organizations receive hundreds of emails every day. All those messages fill up the storage. Moreover, handling these emails is time-consuming. Some organizations need all of the emails preserved and be backed up to other storage every day. That adds up more cost. Email Management Software reduces the number of emails to be handled and stored. In return, it allows organizations to manage emails more efficiently at a considerably low cost.

2.    Help business continuity and recovery-

Organizations need to restore their emails in case of a disaster. Email restoration is expensive yet crucial, hence can not be avoided. Recovery from a critical problem is quicker and easier when all the emails in the organizations are sorted and organized. Email Management Software assists in email organization. Hence, they help business continuity and recovery efficiently. The mailman software helps with email restoration at a minimal cost.

3.    Reduce the mess-

We all receive a variety of emails every day. Some emails are salient while some are not. And some of them are just irrelevant marketing emails and newsletters. If we regularly go through our mail inbox and get rid of the unnecessary emails that we do not need, it will help us be more organized. We should get rid of unnecessary emails by deleting them forever or archiving/spamming emails. It allows us to recover critical messages promptly whenever required. An Email Organization application ensures that our inbox is organized and not chaotic. The Mailman software takes care that the mess is low.

4.    Unsubscribe-

Schedule and take out some time to visit your inbox and unsubscribe from any irrelevant newsletters and communications. Of course, a weekly newsletter you love reading in the inbox can help rather than subscribing to a daily newsletter. Just remember, we can re-subscribing a newsletter if we find ourselves reaching back to the newsletter. But, it would be advantageous if we unsubscribe from all the unnecessary newsletters. Email Organization Tool makes unsubscribing and getting rid of unnecessary emails/ newsletters an easy task. It makes it easier, quicker and removes any hassle.

5.    Organize your email with the help of the Microsoft Outlook 2013 search bar-

Another feature you might want to take advantage of is “Rules” which automatically classifies messages into folders as they arrive, as per our customization. We are free to choose if we want these messages displayed in the Alert window or choose a customized alert sound.

There are also many Advanced Options to choose from, such as mark as important, mark as read, delete or send an automatic reply to prioritize crucial communications.

6.    Stop checking email so often-

I have seen my best friend checking her phone the moment it chimes and, I have been so mad at her for being so anxious about what the notification is. Checking emails often distracts us from more important tasks. Well, I am sure you have been distracted by the email notifications in the middle of a day a lot. Afterwhich it is hard to concentrate again. Fortunately, there is an easy way to prevent distraction from emails. 

1.    Turn off your audio and visual notifications.

2.    Log into your email account and go to File. 

3.    Click on Options.

4.    Select Mail in the left-hand column.

5.    Scroll down to Message Arrival.

6.    Untick all the message alerts.

If you are worried about missing a specific email, you can set up a “Rule” that will override this setting. 

7.    Running Multiple Accounts

Modern times call for multiple accounts to separate professional and personal life. Organizations also have many accounts to reduce traffic on a single email inbox. It might seem helpful to have various email accounts however handling them increases the burden. Organizing many email accounts takes up enormous time and effort. An Email Management Software helps in managing multiple accounts efficiently, without a hassle.


Emails are essential for businesses and impact our daily lives. Hence, Email organization is crucial, and practicing email management is necessary. Email management is a continuous process. Using an email organization tool eases the process. Email organization software helps in organizing our inboxes and makes communication via emails easy and breezy. It reduces efforts and increases productivity. Email Management Software is worth all the hype and attention. We can achieve time management, email management, increased productivity, and organized inboxes with just one tool.