Emails and email management have become a crucial part of corporate life. Emails allow optimum communication while email management allows better organization of important documents and messages that we receive. In this article, we see the importance of email management and how it helps us achieve our career goals easily. 

Statistics to understand the Importance Of Email Management

importance of email management

Here are some statistics related to emails and email management which compel us to know the importance of email management on a daily basis:

  • It has been studied that 35% of business professionals check email on a mobile device instead of a personal computer for easy accessibility. 
  • On average, professionals have more than 200 emails in their inboxes and receive 120 new ones each day but respond to only 25% of them. 
  • On average, professionals check their email 15 times per day or every 37 minutes. This leads us to check email six times more than needed. 
  • Full inboxes waste 27 minutes per day. 
  • Letting notifications interrupt us, and taking time to get back on track, we lose 21 minutes per day.

Importance of email management

Understanding the importance of email management helps us mindfully utilize the time we spend on emails. Here are five main benefits of email management that we can enjoy with the right email management strategy. 

1. More time-efficiency is the prime importance of email management

Email management allows us to save time that is usually wasted in our inboxes. With proper email management, it becomes easier to focus on important tasks instead of on emails. Also, better email management allows better organization of important information. Thus instead of cluelessly looking through a cluttered inbox, we understand the importance of email management when we waste no time in looking for important emails. 

2. Higher profits with better email management

Better time efficiency and better productivity eventually save you and the company loads of time. This also reduces the amount of labor spent. All of these factors increase profits too. This calculator, for example, can help you measure how much profit can e mail management help you make.

Many organizations receive hundreds of emails every day. All those messages fill up the storage. Moreover, handling these emails is time-consuming. Some organizations need all of the emails preserved and be backed up to other storage every day. That adds up more cost. Email Management Software reduces the number of emails to be handled and stored. In return, it allows organizations to manage emails more efficiently at considerably low-cost further confirming the importance of email management.

3. Better productivity shows us the importance of email management

As we become more time-efficient, we also get more things done. Thus we complete more tasks in a shorter period of time and we become more productive. Also with better email organization, it is much easier to get things done without the hassle of looking through the clutter. Various email management software like Mailmanhq also has a tool called ‘Do not disturb’ which helps you focus on the task at hand without being distracted by emails, thus improving productivity. 

4. Better work life balance

With better productivity and time efficiency, we get more time for ourselves. We can thus devote more time to ourselves and our families. This helps us to strike a work-life balance. The importance of email management is also seen when one has multiple email accounts to differentiate in their personal and professional lives. Which proper email management it is easier to sort important emails in their appropriate place to avoid any imbalance. 

5. More focused work

E mail management removes distractions like notifications, too. With fewer distractions, we can focus better on the tasks on our hands. This also leads to a better quality of work too. With email management softwares like Mailmanhq, this becomes much simpler with tools like ‘Batched delivery’ which allows slots of focused work without any disturbance from any email. 

Importance of email management for more productive email journey

We understand the importance of email management only when we realize how much time we waste in our email inbox. The above statistics and benefits of email management also help us understand the importance of time wasted and motivate us to inculcate better inbox training


What do you mean by email management?

Email management involves the process of managing and controlling emails. This includes sorting, organizing emails such that they are easily accessible when we need them. 

How do I manage Outlook effectively?

1. Convert emails to tasks as they come in.
2. Prioritize emails according to urgency.
3. Organize emails in folders to find them easily.
4. Then schedule email processing time slots and stick to them.

How do you manage email management?

1. Sort your emails into folders using filters and labels.
2. Also act on your emails right away rather than postponing them.
3. Delegate email tasks if they are more appropriate for someone else.
4. You can also use template for common email replies.
5. Delete or archive emails once you have responded to them.

How do you learn email management skills?

1. Take action immediately on incoming emails.
2. Also set email processing schedules.
3. Write quick concise emails with clarity.
4. Unsubscribe from newsletters that crowd your work email inbox.