In the corporate world, we all work as individuals but we function as a team. Everything an individual member does, is influenced and will influence another member. This is the main reason for the popularity of productivity tools for teams. The email management tool Mailman, which has garnered praise for its highly receptive team, realised the need for a tool that managed emails for an entire team. And here they are with the newest version of Mailman for Teams.

Mailman, in its very initial months itself, gained 3000 users. With positive software reviews for itself, Mailman has quickly gained a trusted audience. Many top tier companies like Webflow, Google. Dribble, Lyft, etc depend on Mailman to manage their email inbox. Even popular entrepreneur and mentor Ankur Warikoo appreciated Mailman in this video. 

With a history that is rich with appreciation, Mailman has expanded its usefulness with their newly launched Mailman for teams. This team productivity tool can now be used to incorporate the best email management habits all across your team.

What is Mailman for teams?

mailman for teams

Mailman for teams is an added feature in the email management tool Mailman. It was founded by Mohit Mamoria and Andrew Wilkinson after gauging the need for a tool to stop emails from being a constant distractions. With Mailman for Teams, emails can now be used for their sole purpose of communication by the team without being disturbed every few minutes. 

Features of Mailman for teams

What makes Mailman for teams the best inbox zero app is its exclusive features. Each one of these features is designed to find its use in all our lives.

Do Not Disturb Mode

This tool is an integral part of features of Mailman for teams as an inbox zero app. The Do Not Disturb mode lets you schedule time periods in which you would prefer to not receive any email notifications. In these time windows, you can concentrate better on the task at hand, while achieving better productivity. This also helps with time management as you get more tasks done in a shorter time. You will still not miss out on any important emails as you can access your email software after the set time period.  

Delivery Slots

Mailman for teams allows you to decide delivery slots for your emails. This means that you can schedule certain time slots wherein you would like to receive your emails. These time slots could recur hourly throughout the day, as per your convenience. You can also decide the number of delivery slots you wish to have in a day. Thus Mailman for teams allows you to manage your emails at your comfort without compromising on productivity. This feature is yet another reason why we consider Mailman for teams the best email management software as an inbox zero app.

Block Unimportant Emails

This inbox zero app reduces most of our email inbox clutter by blocking it. Mailman stringently filters and blocks emails that contain newsletters and similar spam. It also blocks emails from senders that you haven’t interacted with before. These are the sort of emails that you’d perhaps delete altogether or prefer to read them in peace. Mailman for teams  provides the exact solution for that in the form of this blocking feature.

The VIP List

As there are some emails that need to be blocked, there are also emails that need your attention asap. Mailman for teams allows you to add those certain important senders, domains or keywords to a VIP list. This list makes sure that emails containing information mentioned in the VIP list, can bypass all settings and filters. Thus no matter any prior setting made for better email management, these urgent emails will always find you immediately.

The highlights of Mailman for teams

Apart from the features above, these are some of the highlights of Mailman for teams. These highlights further ease the process of using Mailman for your entire team.

  1. Make your own team: From your Mailman accounts, anybody can create a team and invite their team members to join their teams. This gives you the flexibility to keep your team at par with the best of email management habits. Thus one can also keep one’s team’s productivity in check too.
  2. Bill only once: The team members will never have to worry about billing. The manager of the team will get to manage billing for all team members at one single place. This reduces the hassle of handling too many bills and paperwork while easing the process.
  3. Set default settings: Team managers can set default VIPs and delivery hours, so that team members don’t have to spend time setting up their Mailman accounts. They just need to sign up, and that’s it! This saves ample time that would be otherwise spent in individually setting up Mailman for teams. It also keeps the whole team informed about each other’s emailing habits. 

How does Mailman for teams work?

Here is a quick flow to understand how Mailman for teams work:

  1. Help is here: All information related to teams is available under the top-right menu in your Mailman account.
Mailman for teams

2. How to create a new team: To create a new team, you’ll need a name for the team and an email address that will be used for billing and notification purposes.

Mailman for teams

3. Inviting members to your team: When a new team is created, you’ll get a joining link for it. Share the link with your team members. Anyone who signs up using that link immediately belongs to your team.

If someone already has an existing account and you want to invite them to your team, you can do so, by manually adding them using their email address in your team’s settings.

  1. How to set a default: You can set default VIPs and default delivery schedules for all the new team members. Whenever a new team member joins your team, their VIPs and delivery schedule will be set to these values.
Mailman for teams

Get your team together with Mailman for teams

Email management, like all big tasks, can be done much more easily when we work as a team. With Mailman for teams, it is easy to get accustomed to each others’ email habits. Thus this enables us to make the most use out of the emails we write and read. With this new and efficient way of managing emails, you as a team can rise above shallow tasks and enjoy better productivity.