Newsletters, spams, daily articles, never-ending email threads tend to jumble up into heaps and stacks of unacknowledged announcements. This ultimately demotivates and wrecks work productivity, especially for C-level executives who can’t spare all their time organizing and sorting out all the unnecessary mails. This list of Email management tool will help them and more.

Why C-Level Executives need an email management tool?

email management tool

Is it conceivable to consume a rare period browsing emails without suffering the unfavorable consequences of such a determination on your experienced communication? 

With the help of Email management tools, you can, and that too, very effectively and efficiently!

Email management tools are a boon, especially for administrators and executives whose lives depend on these daily emails. Still, them being too busy to organize their emails or reply to them instantly, which can cause a lot of hassles and problems if not fixed immediately.

5 Email Management Tools

Given below are some of the email management tools that will also work as productivity tools and time management tools. They work better for the users or staff members to work on their emails in a quite manageable and beneficial way without wasting too much time organizing or handpicking the emails by the executives themselves:

  1. ProProfs Help Desk

ProProfs Help Desk is an email management software that assists a business in seizing all emails as tickets. This platform entitles you to put in as many inboxes options as you desire to supervise with the help of its dashboard perspective. This helps in managing email inbox.

With its proficiency to grasp all events listed via email in one territory, it eventually becomes an isolated point of contact for all the team members which helps in better email management.

ProProfs Help Desk supports the workers’ cooperation or collaboration on numerous assistance and sales tickets through various components like notes and child tickets.

It even assists in enhancing team productivity with the help of labels, ticket notifications, auto-routing, canned responses, and priority. Furthermore, besides these, the email management system is also competent of:

● Incorporating with live conversation and understanding source to finish off a backing or supporting suite.

● They facilitate admins to scrutinize an individual representative’s accomplishments and recognize who requires tutoring to develop an adequate assistance understanding.

● They are capturing customer feedback to help users get actionable insights.

● They are transmitting computerized announcements and notifications to representatives specializing in a specific ticket.

  1. EmailAnalytics

EmailAnalytics is an email management tool that makes up email movements in assorted graphs, charts, and tables. This tool alleviates and supports professions.

One could call them Executive-friendly tools too, but it is for sales and customer aid squads.

In particular, employing email analytics for managing email inbox, the executives can acknowledge prime entertainers, help rebalance workloads to augment productivity, channel, and promote fundamental KPIs like standard email acknowledgement time, emails sent, and emails you obtain.

One extremely beneficial characteristic of EmailAnalytics is the proficiency to procure an automated day-to-day email summary that condenses the team’s email recreation for yesterday (or even last week). It gives executives a susceptible and faster way to regulate the activities and yield of private committees.

  1. actiTIME

If you desire an excellent explanation for encouraging, enhancing, planning, and organizing project-related company information that you need to broadcast to the team workers without any alteration or hassle, consider using actiTIME, also an effective tool for time management.

This reasonable and gifted work hour navigator encompasses the commenting component along with the automatic email notifications or announcements that permit users or team workers to leave statements, remarks, or notes on their everyday accomplishment and achievements timesheet sheets.

With these statements and comments, staffers or employees can let their managers acknowledge any difficulties or dilemmas, and complications they are encountering or procure a comprehensive explanation of everything accomplished during the workdays. In this way, actiTIME will classify and stock all the significant project-related statements in just one position, alleviating the users’ need to investigate the email box too frequently. It can benefit the staff never to forget crucial memos and notes from team partners and constantly dwell in the know of their substantial improvement. This kind of understanding is essential for accomplishing more profitable project conclusions.

  1. Mailman

It is a bonus email management tool. Mailman is one of the best email management tools out there, is free software, disseminated under the GNU General Public License and jotted down or coded in the Python programming language.

Mailman is a software for supervising email discussions, meetings, and newsletters lists. It is encompassed with the network, making it understandable for users to regulate their accounts and for list holders to supervise their lists.

Mailman also subsidizes:-

●    Digest delivery

●    Spam filters

●    Content filtering

●    Built-in archiving

● Automatic bounce processing

  1. The Email Game

A succeeding email management tool constructed by the architects of Boomerang: a gamified email administration application is The Email Game.

When a staff member or user procures an email, they are permitted just three minutes to decide on numerous litigation alternatives, including options like replying now, schedule for responding later, or even skipping for the time being. If the user doesn’t do anything with the email within the given period, they tend to lose points.

It’s a very susceptible gimmick, but it functions well for many users and staff people.

This process also documented increased productivity in the daily communications and discussions of the staff members after commencing to execute The Email Game.


C-Level executives are usually engaged in important and oftentimes pivotal projects for the company. Engaging in emails may hamper their workflow and productivity. Therefore, employing email management tools can help in the process of streamlining their efforts and focus.