The dream of inbox zero approach is not a dream anymore for the ones who know how to achieve it. With the various tips for gmail email management to achieve inbox zero, this dream is now more achievable than ever! All of us who have now experienced inbox zero know that it is more than just some email management tricks. It is about effort and consistency and the various lessons learned from inbox zero.

Inbox zero teaches us how it feels to be unleashed from the shackles of email management. Using inbox zero tips to correctly process inbox to zero does not feel like a task after all. Just the anxiety of getting in to sort through 100s or even 1000s can hold us back from inbox zero. But the actual process is not that scary at all. 

Lessons learned from Inbox zero

learned from inbox zero

Achieving inbox zero helps us look at our email inbox with a new perspective. Here are the 3 main lessons learned from inbox zero to remember through all our email management activities.

1. Lessons learned from Inbox zero: The anxiety is not worth it

The high number of emails we find in our inbox is the real reason for our email anxiety. Looking at the number of emails we might feel like we will never achieve inbox zero. This demotivates us from even trying to tame our email inbox. Add to this the anxiety that comes with every email notification. Every ping feels like it belongs to the most urgent email ever and you NEED to open it. The lessons learned from Inbox zero changes this and more.

The inbox zero approach allows us to understand that with proper tips for email management, big inboxes don’t stand a chance. Using consistent efforts, no inbox is too big. Another thing we learned from inbox zero is that not all notifications are important. Most of the emails are redundant and only result in distracting us. It can take people up to 23 minutes and 15 seconds to fully recover after an interruption, such as a break to check email. This is wholly avoided with the practice of inbox zero.

2. Lessons learned from Inbox zero: Patterns are your pals

Setting email management schedules is the surest way to achieve inbox zero. Not setting a schedule and haphazardly processing emails is what handed us the huge inbox in the first place. With no preset timings in place, it can get very tempting to look at every email notification. Email management softwares like Mailman helps a great deal with this. Amongst its many features is the ‘batched delivery system’ which helps you set an email management schedule.

What we have learned from inbox zero is the importance of organizing our email management habits. Using simple tricks like the Inbox zero action, processing huge inboxes becomes a matter of minutes. Softwares like Mailman helps us tame our fidgety habits and instills discipline. Achieving inbox to zero with Mailman is very easy because it helps you maintain that discipline while you enjoy better productivity. Moreover with email schedules in place, you will realize how quickly you can actually process your inbox. 

3. Lessons learned from Inbox zero: The peace IS worth it

What’s the one thing that gets us irritated about too many emails? It is but the anxiety that comes with it and the peace that leaves. The worry of never achieving inbox zero is real. Irregular email habits only make this situation worse. The main lesson learned from inbox zero is that using the inbox zero approach you not only fix your inbox but also your mental peace. 

After applying simple tricks like Inbox zero action, email dashes, email schedules, what are you left with? The much coveted dream of inbox zero. Your inbox is now free of any pending emails and all the unimportant emails are in their rightful place. You are now free to devote your time to whatsoever you please! Need to improve your productivity at work? Now you can! Need to finally catch up with that one hobby? Now you can! Inbox zero opens up passages to peace like never before!

Lessons learned from inbox zero

Several studies say that we can save more than half of the time we currently spend on email, or one hour and 21 minutes per day. The inbox zero approach helps us save this time wasted as well as mental space. The anxiety of receiving too many emails and having to deal with them can easily get overpowering. Add to that the responsibility of keeping high productivity levels for the people you manage and for yourself, can get very draining. Thus the main lesson learned from inbox zero is to deal with tasks as they come in without letting them steal our peace.

How many emails a day is normal?

Receiving an average of 40 emails everyday is a norm in the corporate world.

How do you apologize for sending too many emails?

Apologize by beginning the email with “I apologize for sending too many emails.” Follow up this statement with the reason for which you need to send many emails.

Will deleting emails free up storage on Iphone?

Deleting emails from the inbox of Iphone cannot free up storage. To free up some storage space, delete the emails from Trash also.

Do recalled emails disappear?

Recalled emails disappear from the recipient’s email inbox only if the recipient hasn’t read the email yet.

Can someone tell if you delete their email?

No, the recipient cannot see if you have deleted their email. But they will see a ‘not yet read’ status indefinitely.