Email management is now an important part of the corporate world and its management. The need for an organize email app is imminent. But what does it really take to organize one’s email inbox? Is it possible to take care of too many emails without wasting too much time?

Various email management softwares can help you do exactly that. Without compromising on time and productivity, email management apps can manage your emails. This enables you to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Why do you need to organize email app?

organize email app

Email management needs no reason for itself. But its benefits are envied and important to all. Email management apps can help you enjoy all those benefits as you reach your Inbox to zero! Here are our top 3 easy to tips to help you organize your email:

  1. Reduce the volume of emails coming in

The number of emails we receive everyday is the main reason for an untamed inbox. The more you delay managing your emails, the more further your inbox strays from Inbox zero. This makes it necessary to deal with incoming emails, before they become too many emails to manage.

Apart from our daily work emails, our inbox tends to get full of newsletters and subscription mail. These rot in our inboxes while only making a mess of our email management strategy. Unsubscribing is the obvious solution. Email management softwares like UnRoll.Me specialize in unsubscribing from email newsletters and subscriptions. UnRoll.Me would hence help you organize email app.

  1. Set up a routine for processing email

Notifications are the biggest culprit for our distractions. When we are focused on deep work and suddenly hear a notification chiming on our phones and desktops, we are bound to lose focus. Here instead of controlling emails ourselves, emails and their notifications control you. Help from an organize email app is necessary here.

This habit of distraction from deep work due to email notifications is a productivity killer and it undermines your ability to stick to the agenda you’ve set for yourself throughout the day. Instead, you become a slave to the agenda of others (advertisers, marketers, friends, and colleagues) who want you to view their messages at a particular time.

Setting up a routine for processing your email during the day (rather than just continuously checking it) puts you in charge of when you’ll receive incoming information. That way, you can focus on it during a time when you’re able to take action and make necessary decisions associated with each email.

  1. Take Action

The influx of emails all day long is an unstoppable affair. The temptation to peek at every notification too is unstoppable. But the problem begins when we read and decide to delay the task. That is when we have a huge pile of emails and tasks to go through at the end of the day. How does one tackle that? You could either-

  1. Do the task right away if it will take less than a minute, like if it’s a simple reply or a task that is a just a few clicks away.
  2. If it is a task that will take longer, just schedule it for a later time of the day when you can do it well.   

The intention of these two options is to get your head out of that email and let you concentrate on the task at hand. 

Categorizing emails just as they come in, isn’t a good email management strategy. Email management apps like Mailman deliver you your emails in batches, when you know you can deal with them. This batch delivery system is one of many unique features of Mailman.

But remember, once you are eventually done with an email, delete it. Or archive it if you see any possible need for the email later. And off you go to your Inbox zero!

Our top 3 picks for organize email app

Now that we know the basics of email management and its benefits, let us look at the email management softwares that can help you manage your emails better. These top 3 email management apps are the best amongst their market competitors! 

  1. Mailman

Mailman is an email management tool that shades unimportant emails. This plug-in reduces interruptions and increases productivity. Mailman is a Gmail email management software,i.e., It works only with Gmail. Mailman is compatible with different kinds of email software such as Apple mail, Spark, Mailbird, Polymail, and Superhuman. Mailman’s primary role is to sort email messages, separate them, and enable you to set the time and frequency of email delivery based on your needs.


  • Do Not Disturb Mode: Do not disturb mode allows you to set a time when it will deliver no mail to you. This is a helpful feature when you want to focus on a project. 
  • Delivery Slot: Mailman lets you decide when and how often you want your emails delivered to you. This way, you will not have to constantly check your emails or worry about missing important information from your team. 
  • Block unimportant Emails: You can block unimportant emails using mailman. But you will not miss anything as you get a summary of the blocked emails at the end of the day.
  • VIP List: Mailman enables you to add essential senders, keywords, and domains to the VIP list. This ensures that you do not miss a necessary piece of communication or updates.


  • Easy to use
  • Time-efficient
  • Blocks unimportant emails
  • Do Not Disturb feature


  • Mailman works only on Gmail.
  1. Boomerang

Boomerang manages the inbox to schedule the emails and also automate them. This email management tool is an add-on that enables you to organize and send emails at your convenience. It works with both android and ios.


  • Respondable: Respondable is a powerful AI feature that maintains that your email is correct and understandable to your intended audience. It considers the length of the subject, the number of questions, the number of words, and the reading level.
  • Inbox Pause: To avoid unnecessary stress and tension on a critical task, you can choose to avoid receiving emails. This doesn’t mean you won’t receive emails indefinitely since you can decide how long you want to put your inbox on hold.


  • Better email management
  • Helps in achieving time management.
  • Makes follow-up easy


  • It may slow down Gmail.
  1. Bluemail

Bluemail allows you to sync your inbox from various accounts. This email management tool supports a list of email software such as Yahoo Mail, Gmail, AOL, outlook, icloud, exchange, Office 365, and more.


  • Add Multiple Email accounts: you can add multiple email accounts of the same or different email software.
  • Dedicated Avatar: You can dedicate an avatar to your sender. It makes it easy to seek their email out in the inbox.
  • Security: Bluebox has a strict and solid email security policy.


  • Supports a variety of email software
  • Sync inbox of different accounts.


  • Can consume a lot of internet and space.


As difficult as email management can be, organize email app helps simplify the process. Simple tasks like scheduling email delivery, when automated using apps like Mailman, can make email management very easy. With these tips and our top 3 apps, managing your emails is achievable!