With good time management, you can achieve big things in a short time. The positive aspects of time management are countless. The main aim of managing time is to give more time to your important activities and reduce stress levels. Less stress helps you focus better so that you can have increased productivity. 

While you accomplish more in less time effortlessly, it helps you to maintain a work-life balance properly. You don’t need to feel burnout every time after work, giving you time for life apart from your office. You learn how to create a work-life balance. With greater focus, capture significant opportunities and increase productivity at work.

Time management tips for increased productivity

increased productivity

For doing actual work, you need nothing but consistent concentration and ensure that your focus is not withdrawn. Here are time management tips for increased productivity for all.

1. Apply task prioritization

Don’t spend too much time thinking about what to start. A priority list is vital to work accordingly. Learn to distribute tasks based on matters of your importance. When you work in this way, you finish essential projects first and rest afterward. Thus you also enjoy increased productivity.

Many time management tools employ the above concept to prioritize important tasks. Use email management tools like “Create Labels” or “Mark Colors” to mark the critical messages aside. Make use of the most significant opportunities on time. 

2. Work in time slots

Make sure that you don’t spend long hours on the same task. An essential time management technique is to work on a proper schedule. However, when you divide such long durations into small intervals, you are more productive while managing all types of work and achieving increased productivity.

Set time hours in a day to check and manage your tasks of the day. Create short intervals of a break between each task 2-3 times a day to avoid burning out. This way, you can learn how to work efficiently. This period of rest works best when one is satisfied with the quality of their work. This also helps you stay focused. 

3. Mute your cell phone buzz

Regular notifications disrupt your mind, and you waste time thinking about them. But if you shut down such alerts only when you’re doing actual work, you’re saved. The ding-dong sound is irresistible for us. Hence we need to make use of such tools for increased productivity.

Various tools, including Mailman, can help you turn off such distractions. The singular focus that one can enjoy on the task at hand, increases productivity by many folds. Such time management tools help you stay undisturbed from constant distractions and save your time. 

4. No external distractions

Even if you switch off the notifications, you get 99+ unread alerts whenever you open your inbox. Don’t panic! More than half of the emails that you receive daily are just a piece of trash. How do you unclutter such emails and achieve increased productivity? By swiping right to the archive corner? This is time-consuming; the best way to unclutter them is to shut them once for all. 

Simply “Mass Unsubscribe” them or “Block” them and get rid of them in just a few clicks. Best email management apps like Mailman provide an “Unlimited Blocking” tool to shut them. You can also use “Anti-spam Filters” to automatically move them to the trash. 

5. Stop multitasking

Though multitasking may seem like you are getting many things done at once, the end result is quite the opposite. It is seen that doing two or more things at once, takes us longer to finish all the tasks as we clamor to focus better. When we try to do two things at once, both of them serve as a distraction for the other. Thus these tasks themselves do not let you focus intently. This lowers the quality of the work that you do.

Why is time management important for increased productivity?

If you calculate the time you spend on unnecessary tasks, the numbers might not be satisfying. By this, we mean you spend more time than is required. With technology at our disposal, are tasks can easily be automated now. Despite of which, this technology now pose as a distraction. This distraction has to be taken care of in the best way possible or it could hinder your growth, and this is where your work goes for a toss. 

Good time management allows faster task completion as communication and task management also improves. This allows time for other essential activities, which gives time to work on great opportunities. Hence, it empowers you for increased productivity and run a stress-free work-life balance.  

Achieve increased productivity

In this article, we read about the importance of time management and how email management can help you manage time effectively. To manage time and improve focus, you need to develop good email management habits. Also, prioritization, pushing away distractions, and working with alternatives is easy to learn and use. 

With the best email management apps like Mailman, you get all these features in one place. Use them to run good business and administrative work in less time. Mailman offers productivity tools to reduce both- your stress and inbox clutter. This way, inbox management leads to increased productivity.


How does efficiency affect productivity?

Efficiency affects productivity positively as high efficiency means tasks are done faster. Hence efficiency should be considered while calculating productivity.

What is the formula of productivity?

Quite basically, Productivity = total output / total input

Why efficiency is so important?

Efficiency is important as it saves time, resources as well as efforts while also improving productivity.

Why is productivity important?

High productivity ensures higher work output and thus an increase in sales or revenue.