The pandemic has changed a lot in our personal and professional life. But one thing that has remained constant and still upholds the same value is productivity. Productivity plays different roles in our personal and work life. In this article, we will take a look at one aspect of productivity namely workplace productivity. 

What is workplace productivity?

workplace productivity

Workplace productivity is the efficiency of work that we showcase in professional life. It is a direct factor in a company’s and our career success. It also affects how we perceive our career goals. At the same time, it is known that workplace performance directly affects how satisfied we are with our work and career. Thus it is all the more important to understand why workplace productivity is important and how to improve it. 

Why is workplace productivity important for increased efficiency?

workplace productivity

Now that we know what is workplace productivity, let us see why it is important. 

1. Get better profits with better workplace productivity

Productivity of oneself or of a company’s employees influences more than a few parameters. Goals and targets are set based on the total workplace productivity of the person. Thus as a person’s productivity increases, a higher target can be set for the person to achieve. As higher targets are achieved in a shorter span of time, profits made by the company also increase. Notably, these profits are made at the same labor cost as the same person is now more productive. This is the main benefit of knowing what is productivity.

2. Workplace productivity lowers Operational Costs

As productivity increases, the amount of time taken to complete the same amount of work decreases. As one begins to utilize lesser work hours to complete their tasks, the labor costs are bound to decrease. Thus more work can be done in the same amount of time at the same cost of labor. Thus workplace productivity further adds to the company’s profits. 

Now, with the introduction of the work from home, it is seen that more work is done from the comfort of our homes. This work from productivity has further contributed to better productivity and hence, lesser stress and anxiety. Healthy mental health is a prerequisite tool for productivity.  

3. Improving Competitiveness

Workplace productivity leads to increased productivity which in turn leads to higher competitiveness. This sentiment of competition can lead to the overall growth of all the employees when promoted in a healthy way. As one’s productivity increases, the number of clients they serve and the number of tasks they do also increase. This motivates the other employees to know what is productivity and work better too. Organizing rewards for better performance can also promote higher productivity due to competitiveness.

4. Better career development and growth

As for efficiency and workplace productivity increases, the tasks are completed faster. Thus time is still left unutilized even after the prioritized tasks are done. This leftover time opens avenues for further growth of the person. But often this time we use this time up in doing shallow work and mundane tasks like email management. We can make this extra time worthwhile when we know what is productivity by learning new skills that better the person’s skill set, which also improves workplace productivity. Thus this makes way for professional as well as personal growth. This is the reason why productivity is important.

5. Greater fulfillment with workplace productivity

Reduced stress and increased control of one’s work ethic is one major benefit of productivity. This added with an improvement in one’s well‐being and better focus levels is another reason why productivity is important. As one gains more personal time with better productivity, this time can also be used to get healthier, exercise, and gain mental peace. Thus knowing what is productivity does not only help your work life but also your personal health and well-being.

How to increase workplace productivity

workplace productivity

The above benefits of workplace productivity can be achieved when one knows the simple ways to improve workplace productivity. 

1. Change up your routine for better workplace productivity

Changes as simple as changing the room in which you work or changing the time of your work can do wonders too. Or even huge changes like shifting your remote work sessions to a secluded place or a scenic place or even a hotel room can give you the change you desire for workplace productivity.

2. Know when to take a break

The focus demanded by work might not require physical energy, but it does need mental strength. This demand can be very exhausting on our energy levels and hence rest is essential for workplace productivity. Relaxing by walking through nature or listening to your favorite music or meditation, can help replenish your energy levels. This much-needed rest will prepare you for further increased productivity.

3. Know yourself better

One of the main obstacles to achieving high productivity is setting unrealistic goals. If one wants to know how to increase productivity in work at your workplace, then one must know one’s own capabilities. Thus goal setting and understanding one’s target is necessary to get increased productivity. 

4. Productivity calculator for workplace productivity

Productivity calculator accurately measures how much revenue a company can generate from a given amount of inputs. Different areas of our work are affected by different tasks. Thus measuring our productivity in those tasks, helps us know how we can improve upon the same. The following productivity calculator can tell you how well you are currently managing your emails and how much it affects your profits and your workplace productivity.

Good workplace productivity practices 

The best workplace productivity is seen only when one brings about a change in one’s habits and daily routines. It would obviously be difficult to expect a change in one’s productivity without initiating a change in oneself. The above benefits and tips for better workplace productivity can help you change your life and your career around for the better.


Why is workplace productivity important?

The successful performance of any company depends on its employee performance. Good employee productivity is responsible for many key factors in a company’s success. These may range from company revenue to team satisfaction. Thus it is important to actively motivate it and reap its benefits. 

How is workplace productivity measured?

1. Assign Tasks with deadlines
2. Keep track of employees work performance
3. Check the quality of employees work
4. Monitor employees engagement
5. Check employees inbox management

How do you define employee productivity?

Workplace productivity is the efficiency of work that we showcase in professional life. It is a direct factor in a company’s and our career success.

How can employee productivity be increased?

1. Have the Right Tools and Equipment
2. Turn off notifications
3. Routines and rituals
4. Change up your routine sometimes
5. Know when to take a break