Email management is an important skill that one needs in the corporate world. There are two primary ways of email management: using automation and using manual tips. Automation is all about using email management softwares to handle emails within a matter of a few clicks. This article lists the best email management softwares to get your inbox down to zero.

Get your inbox down to zero with these 5 email management softwares

get your inbox down to zero

The following is a list of email management softwares that are tried and tested to get your inbox down to zero in a few clicks. Thus automation saves you both time and effort while you handle your emails with ease.

1. Mailman

It is the manager of all the emails in one place. With an easy account setup, Mailman’s email management tools are easy to learn. Go to the official website of Mailman and sign up using Google. Also, the Mailman works along with your existing email address, which saves you from the confusing signup process. Join Mailman’s family in just a few clicks! 

Along with easy setup, Mailman offers a clean and pleasing User Interface comfortable for all people from school juniors to high profile job users. With automatic email management tools like “Spam blocking” and “Custom time slots,” you can reach inbox zero effortlessly. Among the list of email software, Mailman is the top choice to get your inbox down to zero.

Pros of Mailman:

  • Mute constant notifications with the “Do Not Disturb tool”. This keeps you focused and improves work productivity.
  • Mailman is the best-suited email management software to use with Gmail as it offers complete support. 
  • By also using the “VIP tool” you get alerts for emails from important contacts and ensure that nothing necessary gets unnoticed. 
  • Use “Custom delivery slots” to get new emails at your scheduled time of the day. 
  • With a trial pack of 21 days, you can even use Mailman at affordable prices of $10 per year and $8 monthly.
  • Offers “Unlimited blocking” to get rid of spammers and enjoy an anti-spam inbox.

With Mailman, you can automatically organize the incoming messages, which saves tons of your time. It is the best time management software as it helps writing effective responses using saved replies and templates. With that, maintain your daily schedule by receiving emails in time slots.  

2. Front app

To improve customer experience, Front works in a collaborative manner with the clients. With the help of a user-friendly UI, it is easy to signup and use. You can carry out teamwork softly with “assigning tags” and “sharing drafts.” as you get your inbox down to zero. 

The Front app also allows external integrations like Hubspot, Jira, Slack, etc., for a better experience. With the help of tags available, you can identify and share emails among teammates. Manage multiple communications and stay well organized. 

Pros of Front:

  • Easily prioritize tasks by using “archive” and “snooze” features. 
  • Using “tagging emails” also works easily with both personal and team inbox.
  • Clear inbox view for better clarity of emails.
  • By using “quick feedback” capture the real insights of the customers.
  • You can also “schedule delivery time” with Front so it provides constant reminders.

3. ProtonMail

With ProtonMail, you get an encrypted email management system for your account, which provides a secure environment from cyber hacks and total privacy controls over your conversations. Good storage is available for seamless file transfer.

You can easily navigate through the email management services with the help of an intuitive interface. Both the free email management software and paid versions of this software are free from any ads. Text formatting in ProtonMail is quite simple to learn and use and hence it is easy to get your inbox down to zero.

Pros of Proton Mail:

  • It collects end-to-end encryption for all email users for safety terms. 
  • Advanced filters also used to protect from junk emails automatically. 
  • Also has a stretch attachment capacity with an extensive cloud system.
  • Both paid and accessible facilities available for custom email domains.
  • Cryptocurrencies are also allowed for online transactions.
  • It supports multiple devices and external add-ons for better use.  
  • Use can also “Auto responses” for fast communication.  

4. Hiver

This email management software supports customer collaborations alongside Gmail. It works well for anyone using Google apps for client service to get your inbox down to zero. With a phenomenal User Interface, it is easy to learn and administrate. “Share inboxes” for assigning emails when working in a team. 

It supports “tickets” in the sidebar for identifying emails quickly at a glance. With the tickets feature, you can mark emails as closed, pending, or leave internal notes for other users. It is available at fair and nominal prices of $12 when billed annually and $15 when billed monthly.

Pros of Hiver:

  • “Shared inbox” helps while working along with a team for easy forwarding and sharing of emails.
  • Also supports customer experience by managing customer faced inboxes like sales, requests, project etc.
  • Complete work faster by using the “tickets feature” for better prioritization. 
  • Along with that, it integrates with G-suite along with being comfortable with Gmail.  

5. Yesware

It is an easy-to-use toolkit to make email management easy in a few steps. With Yesware, manage and conduct meetings authentically and effectively. It automates the tasks and provides tools to improve sales outcomes. The “Insights feature” grants you to look at the work to improve your performance accordingly. You can easily upgrade your sales service, but it comes with a price. Email tracking analytics are helpful for better team results.

Pros of Yesware:

  • Run sharing campaigns for a team-wide approach
  • By using the “templates and reporting” feature also supports faster communication with the customers. 
  • “Email scheduling” and “Email categorization” also help in sorting different email threads. 
  • Integrates seamlessly with Salesforce CRM.

Get your inbox down to zero today!

Automation makes the dream of reaching inbox zero an easy reality. In only a few clicks, the best email management softwares like Mailman can help you manage your emails. Automation softwares along with email management tips go a long way to get your inbox down to zero and keep it there.


How do I get my inbox to zero?

1. Use filters and folders to categorize emails.
2. Use labels and flags to differentiate important emails.
3. Schedule email management timings using softwares like Mailman.
4. Avoid checking email inbox over and over.

How do I clear my inbox?

1. Empty your spam inbox.
2. Unsubscribe from newsletters and spam to reduce incoming emails.
3. Delete emails once you are through with hem.
4.Emails that you need for future reference can be archived to empty the inbox.

What are the aspects of Inbox Zero?

Aspects of inbox zero include organizing, sorting and processing emails in such a way that we spend the least time in the email inbox. Thus we can maintain zero unread messages while keeping a clutter free inbox.

How do I keep my email inbox under control?

1. Convert emails to a to-do list.
2. Delete old, unnecessary emails.
3. Archive emails that you cannot delete or need for future reference.
4. Use separate folders for different purposes.

Should you clear your inbox?

Clearing your inbox reduces clutter, helps you focus better and reduces distractions to improve your quality of work.