Management skills are useful in all facets of the corporate world. The senior management, apart from the C-level executives, deals with the management of people and tasks and all round coordination. Email management and along with managing inbox forms yet another management task. This makes the usage of an efficient email management software, all the more important. 

Managing Inbox with our top 5 plugins

These email management plugins make it very easy to make email management possible for the senior management. These work seamlessly with your email softwares, thus managing your emails becomes very easy.

Mailman– Managing inbox to zero!

Mailman is one of the best email management softwares out there and is hence our top pick. It is an email assistant that combines a set of tools to literally tame your inbox, organize the time we spend on it. With all the emails in your inbox, it lets you select from among that information tangle, the important messages and at what time you want to read them. These qualities and more, make Mailman the best email management app.

This email management app helps you manage inbox messages efficiently. It shields you from unimportant emails and thereby increases productivity and avoids distractions during work. Mailman is a paid email management app, but you can freely access it for 21 days.


  • This email management solution has a ‘Do not disturb feature that halts email notifications for a while and gives you a break from them.
  • It allows you to schedule a time slot where you can receive all your email notifications together.
  • Another feature of this email management app is that it enables us to block unwanted emails, subscriptions, and newsletters. 
  • Mailman has a ‘VIP’ list that allows you to easily access and save important senders, keywords, and domains in it.
  • All these features can be easily used for your Gmail inbox, enabling seamless activity between the softwares. 


Bananatag allows you to track and schedule emails, track files and create email templates right from within Gmail or Google Apps. Get notified when a recipient opens your email or clicks a link thus allowing easy email tracking. These features and more makes this plugin an essential part of your email management strategy.  


  •   Track emails
  •   Schedule Emails
  •   Email Templates 
  •   Schedule recurring emails
  •   CRM integration

Snooze Gmail

It is but natural to forget some of one’s tasks within a hoard of other tasks. An email comes in with a task and you get further distracted from your task at hand. Snooze Gmail can help you solve that problem by letting you snooze certain emails. Thus you are reminded of replying to those emails at a later time. Thus you forget none of your tasks, hence managing inbox better.


  • Snooze an email before you send to create an automatic follow up reminder. 
  • Remind yourself to see if a potential investor is ready to make investment.
  • Clear your inbox of items that don’t need to be dealt with, guilt free for an Inbox zero.

Leave me Alone

Unsubscribing for newsletters and other subscriptions is the easiest email management strategy. Leave Me Alone uses that tip to help you reach Inbox zero. It lets you unsubscribe from emails automatically and with a single click. You can see all of your subscriptions, newsletters, and spam emails in one place, favorite senders you want to keep, set a reminder to scan again, and more.


  • Easily unsubscribe from newsletters, etc.
  • It creates a separate folder for all your newsletters, spams and subscriptions, thus helping you go through these unimportant emails.
  • Set reminders to go through your spam folder to ensure you haven’t missed out on an important email.

Newton Mail

Newton mail is another reliable email management app. It easily tracks mails and can be used with all mail accounts for managing inbox, and it suits all devices ranging from Android, iPhone, Mac to Windows.


  • Newton Mail has a ‘double tick’ feature that turns blue if the recipient reads the emails you have sent.
  • It has a recap feature that automatically notifies messages or conversations that need to be replied to or need a follow-up action.
  • This email management app automatically removes unwanted emails and newsletters and helps manage inbox free from distractions 
  • It easily allows you to shift and save assignment tasks to an outside app like EverNote or OneNote with just a click. 
  • Allows you to schedule emails to be sent at a particular time
  • It allows you to sleep emails till the time you are ready to read them. 

Plugins to install for easily managing inbox!

Various email management softwares and extensions are available but these 5 email management plugins will definitely help you in managing inbox. The senior management especially needs prompt and easy-to-use email management tools like Mailman for better productivity. This plugin will not only improve your email management, but also help you clear your mental space.


Do starred emails get deleted?

You can delete all starred emails by selecting the starred emails folder and deleting it.

How do I see all unread mail in Gmail?

Log in to your Gmail account. Type in “is:unread” into the search box and hit “Enter.” This will reveal all your unread messages or threads with unread emails.

How do I select more than 100 emails in Gmail?

Go to settings> General> Maximum page size and select 100 from the drop down menu. Scroll to the bottom and save changes. Then check the small box on the top left of the screen- this selects all the 100 messages on the page. Then tap delete.

How can I see more than 50 emails in Gmail?

Go to settings> General> Maximum page size and select 50 from the drop down menu. Scroll to the bottom and save changes.