Emails management takes up a huge amount of our time because of the huge number of emails we receive everyday. Email management tips and strategies do help our email processing efforts but they take up so much of our time. This gives rise to the need to know how to organize emails with automation. Automation involves email management softwares that lighten the load of constant email management by doing the job for you. Read on to know the best automation softwares to manage your emails with ease. 

The best apps to know how to organize emails with automation

how to organize emails

The best apps for email management are the ones which combine ease with effectiveness. These apps excel at both as anyone can easily use them to lead their inbox to zero. 

1. Mailman

By using this software to know how to organize emails, your inbox will indeed become a much cleaner and organized space. The primary function of Mailman is to filter email messages, segregate and allow you to designate time and frequency of email as per your need. 


  • Do not Disturb Mode: This email management software allows you to designate some time for yourself. You can set a time when you will not receive any email. This is especially useful when you are trying to achieve work life balance, or you need to focus on some work. 
  • Delivery Slots: This feature is helpful to avoid the distraction due to random emails. You can manage emails and have them deliver in a set number of hours of the day. You can also manage the frequency of emails through this feature to know how to organize emails.
  • Block Unimportant Emails: Mailman allows you to block the unimportant emails like promotions, notifications and newsletters. At the end of the day, it sends you a digest which displays all the blocked emails.
  • The VIP List: Some emails are more important than others. Mailman enables you to add important senders, keywords and domains on the VIP list. These emails are displayed on priority basis and thus ensure that you do not miss any important conversation.
  • Easy to Use: Works well for any existing email client to not learn how to use the new software.
  • Time efficient: Mailman claims that it can help you sort out your inbox in less than a minute. 

2. ProProfs Help Desk 

This email management software helps in capturing all emails as tickets. This software lets you add as many inboxes as you wish to a single dashboard to know how to organize emails. This makes it easier to manage emails as it becomes a single platform for emails. 


  • Automated Ticket Creation: Since it has an automated system to send notifications to the agent working on a ticket, it increases productivity and effectiveness. This software for email management helps us focus more on priority tasks and less on ticket creation, which is great to know how to organize emails.
  • Training Offer– It enables the administrator to monitor and evaluate your performance and take necessary action to train you if required.
  • Shared Inbox Functionality-   It has the best email management strategy as it is very collaborative. The agents can manage the emails that turn into tickets from a shared dashboard for all the customers. They can also access communications and look for tickets acting upon or those you need to resolve.

3. Mailstrom

If you are worried about how to organize emails, then Mailstrom can help you out. It is an inbox zero app that works as an add-on email service. Its objective is to forge the easiest way to inbox zero. It bundles similar or related emails so that it can answer them quickly. 

Features : 

  • Human Intelligence Amplification- It categorizes your mails which will help you view emails by different categorized subjects and look through even thousands of emails at once.
  • Chill Feature- This feature puts a sort of timer for your emails. You can set a date until your emails will “chill,” and then you’re reminded to reply to them.
  • Expire feature- It helps you set time limits for specific senders whose emails will stay in your inbox until the specified time. 
  • Accessibility- The “People I’ve emailed” section shows you the people with whom you frequently communicate. This helps in time management and lessens efforts when looking for frequent senders and receivers.
  • Email Hacks- This software for email management understands your managing style, needs, and wants. Then it helps you to hack your way to Inbox Zero!

4. Loop 

Loop is a single platform email management solution where you have a shared inbox with all your customers, partners, and internal team. This eliminates the need to have conversations on different platforms as it serves as a one-stop solution to all your communicational needs. It is named loop because it brings all your emails and conversations together. 


  • Side Chats and Easy Switching- It organizes all the incoming emails and messages, which helps your team focus more on work. This productivity tool also enables side chat on emails, all in one tool. Forwarding and switching between communication apps become easy and so efficient. 
  • Group Emails- Teams feature enables the creation of subgroups or teams. So if something you have to communicate, the sub-team is tagged instead of tagging individuals.
  • Email Signatures- This helps you to create multiple signatures, which you can use accordingly.
  • Assign – Loop application helps you assign emails or tasks to co-workers and chat discussions about an individual email. This prevents the forwarding of emails among co-workers. 

5. Hiver 

Hiver is an extension of chrome, that helps you know how to organize emails for Gmail. This is beneficial as many are already familiar with Gmail, and hence you will be able to use the software to manage emails with minimum effort. If you want fast and empathetic customer service then Hiver is a great choice.


  • Collision alerts– This software to manage emails gives you visual cues when a user starts replying to an email on which you are working. This tool for time management helps you schedule emails and prevents you from applying extra efforts. 
  • Email tags– If you are thinking about managing your inbox, this email organizer helps categorize your email when the inboxes are shared, hence keeping it all organized.
  • Email templates– This helps you in creating canned responses. You can write an email once and reuse them later to answer frequently asked questions. These templates look like actual human responses. Therefore, it saves your time.
  • Analytics – This productivity tool helps identify areas that need improvement and tracks all the necessary data for you.          

Know how to organize emails with automation

Email management is a skill that all email users need to master. Knowing how to organize emails with automation and with email management tips is essential to handle email inbox load. Managing your emails with the right inbox zero tools and strategies will lead you to inbox zero in no time.