We all receive an unmanageable number of emails everyday. Only a quarter of them are actually useful to our worklife. This adds up to having a full inbox with no time to spare on a personal life. But complaining about too many emails is a thing of the past. Various email management softwares can effectively help you manage your emails. Mailman is one such best email management tool that can make your email life easier.

Mailman is popularly regarded as a minimal but a very effective email management software. Its attention to detailed issues regarding our emailing problems is why it is one of the best email management softwares in the market.

What makes Mailman the best email management software?

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Mailman aims to reduce the distractions presented by emails and their notifications to allow you to focus better. Mailman helps its users to make better use of their email management softwares, thus using inboxes for their optimum use by taming the inbox. Here are some of the many reasons why you should opt for Mailman as your best email management tool.

  1. Do Not Disturb Mode
    The main reason emails have now become a disturbance is because of the innumerable notifications we get. Email notifications are typically activated on our desktops and our mobile phones to make sure we don’t miss out. But in this quest of staying up to date, we tend to get distracted all the more from our work. This leads to lesser productivity plus worse time management. To solve this, Mailman brings along the best email management tool Do Not Disturb mode.

    The Do Not Disturb mode lets you schedule time periods in which you would prefer to not receive any email notifications. In these time windows, you can concentrate better on the task at hand, while achieving better productivity. This also helps with time management as you get more tasks done in a shorter time. You will still not miss out on any important emails as you can access your email software after the set time period. This best email management tool is an essential part of this email management software.
  2. Delivery Slots
    The constant incoming of emails and their notifications is obviously an obstacle in maintaining one’s focus. To add to that, emails bring along a new set of tasks which could be quite different from what one has at hand. This could lead to confusion, lack of concentration and eventually lesser productivity. This is where the best app for email management Mailman comes to our rescue. 

    Mailman allows you to decide delivery slots for your emails. This means that you can schedule certain time slots wherein you would like to receive your emails. These time slots could recur hourly throughout the day, as per your convenience. You can also decide the number of delivery slots you wish to have in a day. Thus Mailman allows you to manage your emails at your comfort without compromising on productivity.
  3. Block Unimportant Emails
    A major chunk of our overflowing email inboxes is made of unnecessary newsletters, notifications and other spam. These not only stray your email software away from inbox zero, but also disturb you by adding to your distractions. Though some of these might be desired by you, they don’t fit in with your work life. These are the sort of emails that you’d perhaps delete altogether or prefer to read them in peace. The best app of email management Mailman provides the exact solution for that.

    Mailman stringently filters and blocks emails that contain newsletters and similar spam. It also blocks emails from senders that you haven’t interacted with before. Various email management softwares provide this facility, but Mailman takes it a step further. It provides to you a digest of these blocked emails once a day. This makes sure that any important emails are not mistakenly locked by the email management software.
  4. The VIP List
    With the settings of Do not Disturb and Delivery Slots in place, Mailman understands that there always will be emails that you would want to see immediately. These emails could be important for their urgency, or for an immediate deliverable or from an important sender. As your need be, this best email management software keeps track of important emails by a VIP list.

    Mailman allows you to add certain important senders, domains or keywords to a VIP list. This list makes sure that emails containing information mentioned in the VIP list, can bypass all settings and filters. Thus no matter any prior setting made for efficient email management, these urgent emails will always find you immediately. This also makes sure that you can focus better on your work, while resting assured that no important emails will be missed.

Mailman is the best email management software

Efficient email management is the need of the hour. Managing your emails is imperative not only for better productivity but also for a better mental space. But this task is as huge as it sounds and that is why an email management strategy is so important. The best email management tool will help you lay the groundwork for a better work-life balance. Mailman would be your ideal email partner to do the same.

How can I read my emails faster?

1. Practice better email processing on your email management schedule.
2. Practice OHIO- Only Handle It Once.
3. Emails that can be responded to in a minute- do the right away.

How can I get my email faster?

Fix either the sender’s or the recipient’s internet service provider (ISP) if your emails take days to receive or send.

How can I improve my official email?

1. Don’t overcomplicate your language.
2. Do not try to say too much in one email.
3. Be polite.
4. Be efficient in your subject lines.

How do I reduce email?

1. Be very clear in your subject lines.
2. Send emails only if necessary.
3. Be concise in the body of your email.
4. Only CC people when absolutely necessary.