Many email management tips are at your disposal that help you manage your emails better. But with the number of emails that every corporate executive receives everyday, these tips alone are not enough. Various email management softwares can definitely help but for the best outcomes, one needs only the best app for email management. Amongst all the email management apps in the market, Mailman is our top pick.

Why is Mailman the best app for email management?

best app for email management

The various features and USPs of Mailman are the reason for its popularity. The ease of use showcased by Mailman and experienced by its many users is why we recommend Mailman to all corporate employees. As an email management app for everyone from C-level executives to senior level management, Mailman has always proved its mettle as the best app for email management. Here are the top features of Mailman: 

Do Not Disturb 

Email notifications are the real culprit behind the loss of productivity caused by emails. Though these notifications help you stay up to date with the tasks expected of you, they also ruin the task you currently have at hand. Mailman has the email management solution for this.

With the Do Not Disturb feature, Mailman lets you decide time periods where you simply do not want to be disturbed. You will still not miss out on any important emails as you can access your email software after the set time period. This email management tool is an essential part of this best app for email management. Mailman makes sure that you are not disturbed by any notifications in these pre-set time periods. Thus you can focus fully on the task at your hand.

Delivery Slots

Emails bring along a new set of tasks which could be quite different from what one has at hand. This could lead to confusion, lack of concentration and eventually lesser productivity. Working hand in hand with the Do Not Disturb feature, this is solved by the Delivery Slots. This feature allows you to pre-set time periods where you receive your emails. These intervals could be set according to the time of the day when you know you can pay you full attention to the emails with this best app for email management.

You can set these Delivery Slots as many or as few times throughout the day as you wish. This also helps you keep a track of the number of times you access your email and the amount of time you spend in your email inbox. Thus you can keep a better look on your email habits as you impart attention to your emails as well.

Block unimportant emails

Unimportant emails piling up to fill up our inboxes is the main obstacle on our way to Inbox zero. Newsletters, subscriptions and other spam unnecessarily bulk up our email inbox. This not only makes it difficult to reach Inbox zero but it also makes it difficult to reach an urgent email when you need to. Mailman can serve its purpose of being the best app for email management here too.

Mailman blocks unimportant emails from notifying you or from reaching your inbox. This app for email management stores these emails in a separate folder so as to not mix them with the important emails. Mailman also makes sure of yet another detail. It provides you with a digest of all the emails it has blocked at the end of the day. Thus you can yourself make sure that no important email was blocked away. 

VIP list

Some emails might be too urgent for us to delay in the name of productivity and email management. These emails need prompt attention no matter the task at hand. These emails could be important for their urgency, or for an immediate deliverable or from an important sender. Depending on the situation, Mailman brings to you a customizable VIP list feature.

Mailman allows you to add certain senders, topics, even certain words to a VIP list. Emails containing the particulars mentioned in the list, will be delivered to you as soon as they are received. Meaning, these emails can bypass the Do Not Disturb and the Delivery Slot features to reach you at the earliest. Thus you can attend to all urgent emails when need be and Mailman will prove why it is the best app for email management.

Batched delivery

The constant ping of email notifications every 5 minutes is what makes it so difficult to maintain one’s focus. No amount of promptness in email response can reduce the irritation caused by a continuous stream of emails. A unique feature introduced by the best app for email management, Mailman, solves this exact problem.

Mailman’s batched delivery feature is as useful as it is unique. It enables you to receive all your emails at one particular time. Thus relieving you from the constant chimes of notifications while also allowing you to concentrate on emails when you do tend to them. 

Use Mailman- best app for email management!

With so many email management tools in the market, it can be very difficult to choose the  best app for email management. Mailman, with all its features and USPs, proves that it is the best email management software for your needs. With its ease of use and easy adaptability, it is correctly recognized as the best app for email management.


Why do I have to delete emails twice?

This is perhaps because your email program on your local computer is set up as POP3. Thus, you will see the emails in each place, because you’re downloading a “copy” of the email to each device. So when you delete an email on your desktop computer, it will still be on your mobile device. And vice versa.

How do I empty my Hotmail inbox all at once?

If you want to delete everything in your Inbox, click the check box to the left of the first message.
2. Hold Shift and click the check box to the left of the last message.
3. In the Reading Pane you should see a link that says “Select everything in your Inbox”.
4. Then click the trash icon to delete the selected emails.

How do I get my inbox back on my IPAD?

1. On the top right corner of the App, click on the edit button.
2. Then, add the inbox folder again to your email folder list by tapping on the circle next to it.

Does Gmail automatically delete emails?

Gmail does not delete emails from your inbox. But the emails that you delete are stored in the Trash folder. From here, Gmail deletes the Trash emails after 30 days.

Why did my Gmail account disappear?

Google may delete content in Gmail accounts that have become inactive. Your Gmail account is considered inactive when you haven’t accessed it for more than 24 months (two years). But Google does not delete the account itself.